Saturday, February 09, 2008

Where did the week go?

Seems like only yesterday I told you about my new knitting bag ... but here it is Saturday again and a whole week has gone by. So what's up?

Well let me tell ya ... PDRM3025_edited

First, I went to the book signing last Satuday night at my local LYS, Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. The author of The Knitting Circle, Ann Hood was there. Nice lady, nice time and we even knit. Really!

Ann Hood signing his book

Did I leave there without buying anything? Of course not. I admired a scarf made by one of the girls there ... Margie. Well she gave me the pattern and away I went with my shopping list. So of course the yarn jumped onto my needles by Sunday and guess what ... they cast off by Tuesday. Here's Margie's Lacey Scarf ... and the main feature of this scarf is Ozark Handspun!
PDRM2959_edited And the results?
Rhonda and her funky scarf!
A wild and wacky scarf, huh?

And I received my winnings from Alabama Fiber Dreams PDRM3038_edited
I won these from Shut Up, I'm Counting. So cool! Us knitters can't have too many markers can we?

And ... oh yah, I got the Ice Queen done!

And what's that Raspberry edge along the bottom? Well let me tell ya ...PDRM2999_edited
PDRM3005_edited The yarn I decided to use is Rowan Kidsilk Night. A lot like Kidsilk Haze but with silver thread in it. It has sparkle and I wanted this for evening wear. Well honestly, I didn't even think to check the yardage, but when I was almost done and nearing the setup for the bind-off row, I knew I was running out of yarn and wouldn't have enough to do the first bind-off ... never mind about going back to the Provincial cast-on and binding off there.
That's when I compared the yardage of PDRM3018_edited
Kidsilk Night (227 yds) with Kidsilk Haze (229 yds).

A 2 yard difference. A BIG difference when it comes to the Ice Queen because it takes up the WHOLE skein of Kidsilk Haze. What to do, what to do ... Okay, I'll knit one less set and skip a row in the set up for the 1st cast off ... but that doesn't quite make it either does it? I actually have to fudge the very last picot but ... "Who can tell?" Even I have trouble finding it now. Don't sweat the little things, I always say. I then took Raspberry Kidsilk Haze and did the bind-off with that on the other end as you see. What do you think?
Didn't come out half bad did it? PDRM3002_edited

Well I recommend casting on with a Picot Cast On and not the providential cast-on. Why go thru all that trouble of going back just to pick up stitches and THEN cast off? And if you have trouble keeping your place on the cast of ... I recommend writing out each step in order to keep your place ... PDRM2967_edited PDRM2973_edited
And then you'll have a chance to note whether you'll have enough yarn and can make the adjustment near the end. I recommend just doing one less "4 row set" before the last few rows setting up the bind off.

And last but not least ... I'm preparing for birthdays coming up for the Grandchildren in March and April. Two in March. Jaydee's the youngest so I will make something for her ... a little Sheep maybe? Perhaps to go along with this book & CD I got for her?
Sheep in a Jeep
I've got to go listen to a story ... catch me later!

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