Monday, October 23, 2006

I've got the magic!

Whipping out the Christmas Knit Gifts!

Two more pairs of fingerless mitts. Both for Christmas gifts. I'm just making as many as I can & will decide later, who gets which pair. I've had about a dozen requests so far from family & friends. And if I have time, everyone will get a pair. (I'm going to try anyway.)

Well the wee little Jayden will have nice warm little fingers with her new thrummed mittens. Got those done yesterday. I am going to put an "idiot" cord on 'em also, but I'm waiting for my daughter to let me know how long I should make it. So here they are. A lot of work but they will be such warm mittens and her Mom won't be worring about her fingers, that's for sure.

Here's a picture of the inside of one of the mitts and how the thrumming looks. Funny, huh? There are two methods to inclosing the roving in the mitt. You either pick up both the working yarn & the roving rolled strip with it and produce a little blob on the outside. Or you knit up the roving rolled strip instead of the yarn which locks in the inside strand as you do the next stitch. You then knit as usual like it was the working yarn on the next row and give it a little tug on the inside to make sure it's locked in. Like I said, it is a lot of work. Especially since you need to prepare the roving by pulling about 3 inches off the roll like in the Double-Rolled knitting (altho shorter pieces) and split each one & roll into little pencils.

I did the Kitchener stitch to finish the top of the mitten and here's also a picture of them next to the adult size Double-Rolled Mitten that I made for myself. I like doing the Double-Rolled more than Thrumming. I like the results. But both are very warm. The Thrummed is the best for little ones tho.
Had some purchases last week also ... mostly for the making of Christmas gifts, so it's justified right? If it wasn't yarn to knit up more fingerless gloves or a sweater for the Munchkin or a scarf for myself (after the Holidays are over), then it was supplies to go in each of the 8 knitting bag gifts I'm putting together.

Notice all of those knitting needles?

I also have tools of the trade being bid for on Ebay to go in each kit. Since I need 8 of everything, I need to go cheaply, LOL.

And I can't forget the hats I've knit for the 'Circle of Love' hat project donations. (Hand knitted or crocheted hats for Cancer Treatment Centers.) This is being put on by the Seed Stitch Fine Yarn store. I figure there might be people who can't wear wool, so I knit up four hats in acrylic yarns. The grey one is a little too big tho, so I'm going to do up a PINK cord to weave around the brim & then it'll be adjustable.

They'll all be delivered to the store November 1st ... and I'll still be
buried in Christmas knitting!


Dorothy said...

Wow, you are really cruising along on the Christmas knitting!
I love the tiny Thrummed mittens. They are so cute.

Dorothy said...

Wow, you are really cruising along on the Christmas knitting!
I love the tiny Thrummed mittens. They are so cute.

Rhonda said...

You are a busy woman, where do you find the time?

Julia said...

What was that blur going by? That was Rhonda doing her Christmas knitting! Way to go - you'll be done with time to spare!

aija said...

The thrummed mitten looks INSANE inside! :)

Dove Knits said...

WOW. You have been BUSY. And all your projects look so nice! Your family will be so happy. I love the sweet little baby mittens and the colorful fingerless gloves, and the hats are amazing. Go you!

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, you've really been super busy, and what a lot of great items you did! All the projects are so lovely - I especially love the fingerless gloves, they're so fun and colorful!

Shelley said...

You are definately one busy knitter! The mittens, fingerless gloves and hats are all awesome!