Monday, July 31, 2006

Short Row Heel in progress ...

In spite of the hot weather I did get some knitting done. Not happy knitting tho ... but learning how to do srpo in short heel rows [which I got help from the blue blog pattern short row turtorial] and this is the result ...
See those holes by my thumb? I'm not happy with the results!

So it's back to frogging & starting the heel over. This time I'll try it in the short heel wrap ... I've got places to get some lessons on how to do that one ... I'll let you know how that works out... maybe tomorrow.
So it's back to the drawing board!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Help with Tropicana Socks updated....

The short row heel on the Tropicana Sock has got me stumped! Okay, maybe I haven't put enough effort into reading & understanding the directions yet ... but dam, it's too hot to muddle thru without some help and advice from the more experienced knitters out there. So is there anyone out that that can help explain these directions too me?

Directions are written as ...
Heel (short row heel over 28 sts):

K the 28 sts on needle 1. Turn, make a *srpo as described [below]. Put srpo onto spare needle. P 27. Turn, make a srpo as described above. Put srpo onto spare needle. *K to the end of row, turn, make a srpo, put srpo onto spare needle, p to the end of row, turn, make a srpo, put srpo onto spare needle.* Repeat until 9 sts are left on main needle, work one round over all sts (55). K across sts on main needle, k1 from spare needle,*turn, srpo, p across main needle, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo,* k sts of main needle including srpo st (double st worked as one), k1 from spare needle*, turn, srpo, p across main needle, p srpo double st as one, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo,*. Repeat * to * until all sts from spare needles have been worked. You should now have as many stitches as you cast on (55).

*srpo = sl st to right hand needle with yarn in front, then pull yarn over the needle – st looks now as if there are two sts, you are not making a yarn over, you just pull it to the back! = srpo double stitch. This double stitch is always knit/purled together as one st. Do not make increases!

One question is: After 9 sts are left on the main needle it says to work one round over all sts (55) ... huh? Is this a mistake? My 2nd question: Directions say K across sts on main needle, k1 from spare needle ... so is that one whole srpo [double stitch]? Or just one strand of this srpo? Or was there suppose to be a unworked knit stitch in there? ... *turn, srpo, p across main needle, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo, ... I did a few rows this way, but it sure doesn't look right!

I'm hoping that someone will explain it to my bumbling brain!

Note: A member of our M.I.T. Stitch & Bitch group suggested I try the blue blog pattern short row tutorial. Which I did over the weekend & will show you the results in the next post.

To change the subject:

I have a link to direct you all to. Something that I think might interest you ... A Yarnival with Needle Exchange. Eve is collecting together links [monthly] pointing to blog articles on a particular topic that we may find to be interesting. It's a way to highlight little known but interesting blogs on subjects that are interesting to others and otherwise may have not been seen unless you were searching for that particular subject. Hey, I'm including a button to my blog for future "quick jumps" to see what's posted there. It'll be on my sidebar. Good luck with this new endeavor, Eve!

And BTW anyone can submit to this! The submission deadline for the first issue of Yarnival will be August 4th and the issue will be published on August 11th ...
Check it out! yarnival

Summer knitting is ... HOT!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Socks, socks everywhere!

My Blue Moon "Socks That Rock Club" yarn & pattern is here! I'm not sure I'm going to like this sock ... but I joined the club to learn new skills and patterns using some beautiful yarn. So be it ... I'll be knitting "Hippy Crunchy" [yucky name] ... It looks like a slouchy sock too but I may end out loving it anyway, LOL! M-m-m-m, maybe.

Check it out by clicking on the pictures & getting a close look ...

The colorway is "Peaseblossom" and looks even nicer in person!
And included in this package is a temporary tatoo. I just need a special reason or place to wear it. Maybe I'll save it for September 24 and the Boston Knit-Out & Crochet Too 2006. Yah, that's it!

Then there are the socks in progress ...Tropicana and the Fetzenmuster-sock ... of which I'm on my 2nd sock and so I'm

moving right along kids ...

Also, I've got an added activity going on behind the scenes ... reading books ... mysteries ... with knitting in 'em! [why not?] And so I report that my recent read was Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. It's the first of 3 books, with one not yet published. Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton is the next one I'm going to read and if it's anything like the first, I'm going to enjoy it. Of the 3 books in the back of the picture, "Knit One, Kill Two" was my favorite ... altho I've enjoyed them all. Well the two in front, I have yet to read ... A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber is one of them. Remember my friend Sammie sent me that one!

So I leave you with this .... My Tarot card ...

You Are The Sun

You represent the best of life - vitality, success, and the truth.
You tend to have a strong, centered, balanced personality.
Inspiration and discovery are your fortes. You are very mentally strong.
A talented mind, you tend to excel at math, philosophy, and music.

Your fortune:

As well as you have done in the past, the future is going to be filled with more success.
A new creative project is coming your way. Feed it, and it will grow into something huge.
Great riches, recognition, prosperity, or happiness is coming your way.
And it's possible that a fantastic vacation, or a new baby, is coming sooner than you think.
What Tarot Card Are You?

[That last one BETTER be a fantastic VACATION headed my way!]

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Kate for my Kitten ...

Unfortunately I didn't go to see the Grandkids yesterday [Saturday -Blogger wouldn't let me post when I wanted to on Sunday.] due to the threat of flooding rains. I really hate driving Route 95 or 16 in heavy rain, so I stayed home. Hopefully I'll make it up there in 2 weeks. This next weekend we have other plans, so it'll be a delay of 2 weeks for Jayden to model the Pinwheel Sweater I made for her. [sigh]

But see what else I made for her to go along with the sweater. Kate from! I used yarn left over from the sweater ...

and why did I give her stripped pant legs? Because this is how much cranberry colored yarn I had left after finishing ...

Just as funny looking as the designer's don't you think? Well maybe even funnier looking, LOL but what does a baby care, huh? At least it's soft!

p.s. I heard from Wren Ross and she gave me a link to
these two podcasts that interviewed Wren: Good
knitting listening... WHIT LARSON PODCAST < >
** "It's a Purl, Man" **

and more ...

Check 'em out okay?! ....

I've also ordered the book Changing Patterns: Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity by Wren Ross & Daena Giardella.

It sounded really interesting and I need to check-it-out! That's right I NEED it ... it's a book ... one to include in my expanding "stitching" library ... Did someone say I had too many book? Well ... I don't .... yet! No, no REALLY!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I've been a baaaaaaad girl!

I bought that CD by Wren Ross ... Wren's Greatest Knits and received it today ALREADY. I only ordered it yesterday and here it is ... WOW!Oh I love it and will add it to my player when I knit in the back yarn or when the DH isn't around with the TV on, but that's not all that I did this week ...

I also bought my winter sock yarn stash from Kaleidoscope Yarns ...

And now I must expose myself to Koigu Painter's Palette Premium, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and Cherry Tree Hill ... AND

Expose to you YARN PORN!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Did you know about this?

Did you get the Knitter`s Review today? Did you check out the new CD available to knit by?

Well I just ordered one ... could NOT resist! Check it out ... it's called

"Wren's Greatest Knits"

You can order the CD directly from Wren Ross's Web site for $18, which includes shipping and handling.

LOL, I love it!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Socks, Sweaters & my Sweet Knitted Babe!

I've been quiet, but knitting on my socks. They're coming along rather nicely ... Altho, I'll be happy to get them done [this is only the first sock] and go on to the next project. But I do like the pattern and have enjoyed knitting something a little more challenging. Want to know more about the Fetzenmuster-sock? Check it out here.

But I'm forever thinking ahead!

With Fleece Artist yarn from Two Wooden Sticks waiting in the wings ...
patterns are whirling in my head!

What sock pattern would look great in these delicious candy colors? M-m-m-m, I'm still looking. But what do you think of Tropicana? These colors do look tropical to me. The pattern looks good in all those colors without getting lost, don't you think? I just might go Tropical!!

I got so many nice compliments on the Pinwheel sweater. Thanks!
Here it is all blocked, dry, and with my button choice stitched on. I plan to take it to the little recipient this Saturday ... I love this sweater!

And I can't wait to see it on Jayden!!

Can you see the purple wooden button? I just used one of the loops on the edge as the button hole. When Jayden gets bigger, I can just take the button off, repossession it on the other side with a smaller collar and whoala ... a sweater that still fits!

And now for the Fashion Statement of the day.
Outfits were sewn and sent to me from Sammie in Naples, Florida ... for Lola Lolly. Of course she made one to match for Lola's sister, Lucy.
I just LOVE this outfit so much!

Here's Lola dressed in Style ...
Oh ya, and that bag laying next to her is the storage bag Sammie made for her ... but I think I'll just put her clothes away in it instead.

And have Lola sitting in a place of honor in my bedroom ...
Well now it's time to put my toys away ...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another FO and Knitty purchase!

I finished the Pinwheel sweater for my grand daughter, Jayden and it on the blocking board now ...

And check this out ...

the cutest little stitch markers ... I just purchased these from
Designs by Tami.

It's almost like owning a little farm, LOL!
[but without the clean up!]

Friday, July 14, 2006

Another slideshow of fun MIT activities ...

Just to show you that I don't always get a chance to knit, LOL ... but I spend some time with friends also! [co-workers are friends too] I love MIT!!

Enjoy the tour!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wild and Wooly Weather ...

For around here ... it was a wild afternoon on the Northshore yesterday. Got a call from the DH to tell me, "Don't come home!"
.... "Well not for an hour or so anyways." He adds.

There were tornado warnings [not a common event around here] and it was hailing 1 inch size ice balls at that very moment. The wind was so strong he thought the roof was going to come off. This storm included thunder & lighting as well. I had evidence of the lighting when my train was delayed getting into the Salem Station later on ... lightning had hit the signal box.

And alas, we even lost one Hugh branch from the American Lynden tree in the backyard. And we'll loose another limb also. There's one just hanging on. We'll have to have someone take it down. It's waaaaay up there!

But I made it home with my knitting!!

Mail Call ... waiting for me at home was this fun package from Florida.
Aren't I the lucky one?!
My friend, Sammie has done it again. She saw these things and thought of me ... so mailed 'em.

The book is A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber ... one that I hadn't read yet. Sam said that it's about a SOCK knitter, so she thought I would like it. I know I will! [I'll tell you about that cross stitch Santa later.]

And then the silver bracelet is made by Hand & Hammer Silversmiths.
You're not going to believe what's written on there. LOL, I'm embarrassed because it isn't true ... YET.

It says ...
"My Stash is Bigger than Yours"

Well I know it isn't, but Sammie said she thought of the "Flash Your Stash" event we had not too long ago and couldn't resist getting this for me. She got one for herself also since she has a Stash of Fabric. She told me today that whenever she wears and looks at her bracelet tho, she thinks of me and YARN. Go figure!

I think I'll go admire mine ...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Knitting right along ...

So much to do and so little time to do it. But I`m moving right along with THE sock ... the Fetzenmuster-sock!

Oh ya ... the English translation on the chart ...

Thanks to Dipsy Doodle for the translation. If you go look at hers, you'll see how very different they're going to look on!

I've even already decided what I'll make with the left over yarn as well [there's always left-over yarn]. Check it out ... Perdita from

I can see it in Orange! As Knitting History says, "The answer is Orange" and I believe her. Since I live in Salem, MA ... well I'll be wearing them for the whole month of October, LOL.

Yup, the answer is always Orange ...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Possible Obituary ...


What will your obituary say?' at

While reading a post by Rabbitch, no doubt!

Just a quick note ...

I have to show you what my friend & co worker, Carol gave me at a WGSSI [Working Group on Support Staff Issues] workshop that we went to a few weeks back. I miss placed the pictures, but just found them again yesterday. Anywho ... here's the bag of goodies and my very favorite is the funny bookmark of what looks like ... can you tell? ... a sheep in a sheepdog suit. Yah, really!
Thanks, Carol !! [p.s. I hold him while I'm reading. So soft & comforting.]

About my previous posting ....

I need to provide some links and explanation to the sock I posted Friday. LOL, Angie it was so funny when you asked about it because it's the one from ...

Dipsy Doodle from Austria. She posted it from a German pattern from this web site Fetzenmuster-Socks. I had asked about the unusual yarn and the pattern translation and this is what you said. [I hope you don't mind that I post your note?] Mine looks so different because I'm using a solid color yarn, Bernat and not that beautiful German handspun yarn that you used.

"Hi Rhonda, me again :) I searched the net a bit, but unfortunately couldn't find that sock pattern in English, so I translated it for you. But beware: These are the typical German knitting instructions, very "spartanic" to say the least! They won't give you instructions for all of the sock, just for the pattern itself, the rest is done as you want it or as you're used to from other socks. So, I cast on 64 st, depends on the size of your foot of course - just use the amount of stitches you'd cast on for normal socks - the pattern is a bit elastic. Then work the pattern on 4 or 3 or 2 needles, any way you're used to knitting socks with patterns. As for the heel, I used the instructions of the "Hedera" socks from for the heel as I like this version best, and afterwards continue working the pattern on the upper side of the socks (the side below is done in normal knit stitch) till you reach the desired length. The toes will be done "my way", I explained this in my last blog entry, but again you can use any toe-version you prefer. Oh well, German knitting instructions... They sure ask for experienced knitters, a novice would probably get nightmares with that. :) If you have any more questions concerning the pattern or the socks, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help you! Attached is the pattern, just work these rows up to the desired length. I hope I could help you a bit with this translation? Have a nice day!" ~Angie

Thanks Angie... I love the sock pattern & will keep you all posted. Anyone else wanting the pattern chart, go to the Fetzenmuster-Socks.

Happy knitting!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Short week?

Even with Monday & Tuesday off for the July 4th Holiday, this week has been so busy and so long while at work I can hardly wait to get home. We celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary [which is on Monday] on this Sunday. We'll go out to eat some place nice, I think.

I have a couple of things I'm knitting on. One of which is this sock ...
I'll be blocking the Pinwheel sweater also and I'm knitting something extra to go with it. I'll show that later in the week. But I'll leave you right now with a little garden update...

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Visit with the Grandchildren is always the best ...

Medicine for the heart and soul. A quick touch of life with another reality to it. The life of raising kids. I just love receiving the real love they give to me. The happiest they show when I arrive.

"Grammy, Rhonda; Grammy Rhonda! Grammy are you staying over?
Yayyyeee, Grammy's here and she's sleeping over this time!! " "We love you Grammy."

Gee, is it ever wonderful to be loved AND to be loved by these little munchkins. The girls showed me that they even still have the dolls I gave them for Christmas. "I sleep with mine," says Ashlee. "We play with them all the time." they all say. And off they all go to show me ... of course they had to get them dressed first. I had made them all clothes and I said, "Well since you all have them then they would all love a new outfit for Christmas right?" Well I think the cheers meant, Yes.

And their Mom even showed me how little Samantha has taken to doing some sewing now. Made this litte change purse for her for Mother's Days ... sewed by hand ... is it so cute?
I love when kids do that!

Speaking of cute, here's Jayden. The little munchkin I'm knitting the Pinwheel Sweater for...

And with my Daughter, her new Mommy. She is such a happy baby.

I did do a little knitting while we visited ... I finished the sleeves on the sweater. Since the border wasn't done yet, I could only take a picture of it laying next to her. It's going to be so cute on her when it's done. Don't you think?