Monday, July 17, 2006

Socks, Sweaters & my Sweet Knitted Babe!

I've been quiet, but knitting on my socks. They're coming along rather nicely ... Altho, I'll be happy to get them done [this is only the first sock] and go on to the next project. But I do like the pattern and have enjoyed knitting something a little more challenging. Want to know more about the Fetzenmuster-sock? Check it out here.

But I'm forever thinking ahead!

With Fleece Artist yarn from Two Wooden Sticks waiting in the wings ...
patterns are whirling in my head!

What sock pattern would look great in these delicious candy colors? M-m-m-m, I'm still looking. But what do you think of Tropicana? These colors do look tropical to me. The pattern looks good in all those colors without getting lost, don't you think? I just might go Tropical!!

I got so many nice compliments on the Pinwheel sweater. Thanks!
Here it is all blocked, dry, and with my button choice stitched on. I plan to take it to the little recipient this Saturday ... I love this sweater!

And I can't wait to see it on Jayden!!

Can you see the purple wooden button? I just used one of the loops on the edge as the button hole. When Jayden gets bigger, I can just take the button off, repossession it on the other side with a smaller collar and whoala ... a sweater that still fits!

And now for the Fashion Statement of the day.
Outfits were sewn and sent to me from Sammie in Naples, Florida ... for Lola Lolly. Of course she made one to match for Lola's sister, Lucy.
I just LOVE this outfit so much!

Here's Lola dressed in Style ...
Oh ya, and that bag laying next to her is the storage bag Sammie made for her ... but I think I'll just put her clothes away in it instead.

And have Lola sitting in a place of honor in my bedroom ...
Well now it's time to put my toys away ...


FemiKnitMafia said...

Wow. Well done. The pinwheel sweater looks great! I can't wait to see it on Jayden. Photos, photos, please!

Julia said...

Beautiful sweater, and you did a lovely job on it. Time to treat yourself to some Tropicana socks! That yarn is your colorway, and the pattern will be perfect!

aija said...

Wow, *everything* looks great! The FA is perfect for the tropicana socks, too... yummy :)

Shelley said...

I think the tropicana socks would look great with your yarn in waiting.

The sweater looks even cuter all blocked and put together.

Lola looks like Lavern from lavern & Shirley with the big L on her top!

Dipsy said...

Wow, your sock is coming along so nicely! And I love the new yarn - actually I think it would be just perfect for the Tropicana-pattern - you'll really be going all Tropical!
I can't believe how gorgeous the sweater is, it's a true piece of art indeed - and the button is just perfect! Love Lola's outfit so much too, absolutely cute!

amanda said...

Love Lola! And I think that Tropicana pattern would be wonderful with the FA!

Eve said...

That sweater is so cute!

Sandy said...

I love your Knitted Babe!!! She is Sooooo Cuuuute!!
I made 3, two were gifts for nieces this Christmas, the third babe is mine! I found you while surfing for Pinwheel Sweater, because I'm getting ready to start one, and I wanted to see what everyone else's looks like.
Did you know there are knit alongs for both of these projects, both in blogger?