Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's on my Christmas List?

Friends and Family of course ... but not everybody wants knitted items. Sometimes I'm told that and other times I notice the recipent has never been seen wearing what I knit. At least not by me. Some probably just don't want to hurt my feelings. Or maybe they don't wear hats or don't wear mittens. And sometimes I listen! Other times I hope to maybe make something that ONE person really, really WOULD like. I just love to knit so I always say, "If you don't like it ... it won't hurt my feelings if you give it back or tell me you would like another color." Honestly, I would rather donate it to someone in need if you don't want it. But as you see, I still have plenty to knit for ...

This is the year; handwarmers ... fingerless mitts ... wrist warmers ... flip top mittens.




I really want to knit for myself right now also. Those gray ones maybe? In another color?? And I really want a sweater or vest or ... maybe a hat for myself. I'm constently distracted as you see.

I swatched (don't snicker, I really do swatch once in awhile but only if it's to be worn & needs to fit right) for a sweater or vest or something like that ...

And yes, I cast on before stopping myself and refocusing on the Christmas gift knitting again.

 I did knit at least one scarf in the bunch.  (BTW, all patterns above are listed on my Ravelry page)

That's only because the one receiving it ASKED for a red scarf. You know what ... she's getting wrist warmers to go with it too because she obviously ... LOVES my knitting.

Ah ha!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I haven't deserted you Blogger, honestly!

I've just been very busy working on my Christmas knitting, as well as a donation and completing something for myself that I had started ... like a year ago already.

Yup, this hat is for me. It was on the needles for a year (maybe longer), lanquishing away ... but now it's done and I'm so happy I finally got back to it and finishing it before it was totally forgotten. But that's one of the great things about Ravelry ... it doesn't really let me totally forget what I've started. It wasn't a difficult knit either ... it's just that other things distracted me from finishing it.

But this next hat (also from Twisted Woolly Toppers by Woolly Wormhead) only took me a couple of days. It's to be donated as a Cemo Hat for a friend's daughter. I knit faster when it's for someone else I think.

Then of course there's all the fingerless gloves and mittens that I'm still working on. The Christmas gifts!

The one without the picots is for a grandson and the other will be in various color combinations for the grand daughters. Also more of these to have their pictures taken or to come off the needles. Like these Flip Top Mitts I just finished today ...

Heaven knows that Christmas is just around the corner. And there's just too many to knit for. I think I should have taken a poll on who would like to be taken OFF my knitting list. Mmmmm?

But we all know ...

I have a problem!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

It's always exciting to win a BLUE ribbon!!

I decided to enter something into the Topsfield Fair this year. This time a shawl.
My "Waiting for Earl Waves in the Square Shawl". The pattern name is: Waves in the Square.

I loved it so much in the orange Madelinetosh light yarn that I used that I saved it for the Topsfield Fair in Topsfield, MA. Now I can wear it just in time for the month of October right? I have a knitting party to go to on the 30th and I know I can at least wear it to that.

And I'm happy to announce that I won a Blue Ribbon ...

It was all folded up so a couple of the Fair Volunteers asked if they could open it up to see it.

Maybe I'll enter something again next year. Maybe even two or three things.

I also loved spending the day seeing all the sights at the fair  ...

I just love the smells and sounds of a good fair and this one was no exception even though it was a small one. Small compared to the ones I use to go to in New Hampshire anyway.