Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who's on my Christmas List?

Friends and Family of course ... but not everybody wants knitted items. Sometimes I'm told that and other times I notice the recipent has never been seen wearing what I knit. At least not by me. Some probably just don't want to hurt my feelings. Or maybe they don't wear hats or don't wear mittens. And sometimes I listen! Other times I hope to maybe make something that ONE person really, really WOULD like. I just love to knit so I always say, "If you don't like it ... it won't hurt my feelings if you give it back or tell me you would like another color." Honestly, I would rather donate it to someone in need if you don't want it. But as you see, I still have plenty to knit for ...

This is the year; handwarmers ... fingerless mitts ... wrist warmers ... flip top mittens.




I really want to knit for myself right now also. Those gray ones maybe? In another color?? And I really want a sweater or vest or ... maybe a hat for myself. I'm constently distracted as you see.

I swatched (don't snicker, I really do swatch once in awhile but only if it's to be worn & needs to fit right) for a sweater or vest or something like that ...

And yes, I cast on before stopping myself and refocusing on the Christmas gift knitting again.

 I did knit at least one scarf in the bunch.  (BTW, all patterns above are listed on my Ravelry page)

That's only because the one receiving it ASKED for a red scarf. You know what ... she's getting wrist warmers to go with it too because she obviously ... LOVES my knitting.

Ah ha!!

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Grupo Mãos Dadas said...

those mittens are lovely
i wish i am in your xmas list
i never knit for myself either
kisses from a beggining summer