Monday, February 25, 2008

What am I going to do about those Tags?

I don't usually response to these ... well not because I don't want to. But it's because I'm either too busy to think about the answers or ... I think to myself "Do I really want the whole world to know how weird I am?"

But that last idea doesn't hold water ... after all, I'm the StitchingNut right? Well maybe I can just stay away from any odd facts, right? Not that I know what they are mind you. My son always said, "You've got a boring life, Mom." Not that he really knew or even tempted to get to really know why I did what I did or why I enjoyed what I did ... but there are things he enjoyed or his father enjoyed ... such as watching SPORTS ... I found to be totally "boring" also. So a life that might be boring to one, might not be to another. Some people "don't get it" ... but I do and I'm NOT bored!

Okay, Sarah at "Mom's Knitting ... Again" tagged me and I'll jump right in this time before I forget or chicken out.

The Power of Seven.

So here goes...

1) Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. (check!)
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. (see below)
3) Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. (or rather, anybody who wants to join in can)
4) Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. (done)

Seven things about me:

1) I was a crocheter for over 40 years. My Great-grandmother taught me when I was 10. But after crocheting NINE afghans for Christmas one year, I lost interest. Lost my mojo! And altho I was a crocheter I only knit for my son before he was born [3 items] because I just didn't like crochet on a boy and I had the feeling I was having a boy. Girls look cuter in crochet and boy's are more boyish in knits. So I taught myself from books to knit for him. I just didn't stick to it back then because I liked the way crocheting was faster. BTW, I passed my son's knit sweater & bonnet on to his first son and I hope he passes it on to his too. [depends on whether his mother bothered to save it.]

2) I was a Comptometer Operator for 10 years before they went out of existence. I audited store reports and billings. I was very fast. Bet you don't even know what a comptometer is, LOL. I worked for companys like 7 Eleven, Stop & Shop, Hood's Dairy and Genest Bakery [in California, Colorado and New Hampshire] before going on to another career. [The other career? Assistant Sales Manager at a meat packing plant before going on (with other stuff in between) to what I do now ... Admin. Assistant in Mathematics at M.I.T.]

3) I love watercolor. I use to paint in High School but haven't done anything much since then. BUT I'd love to take some classes again to get my skills back and get back into painting for enjoyment again. It's what I dream about doing when I retire. I dream of sitting outside at the beach, in a park or the countryside sitting on a stool with an easel, brush & my paints.

4) I go to bed early and get up very, very early. 4:00 am is my usual wake up time. Even if I've gone to bed late; I still get up early. I don't even use an alarm clock. If I sleep late, it's because I'm probably sick. Morning is my very favorite time of day. Even when I was very young. (much to my Mom's dismay) and especially when my own kids were young. Nobody understood it. But I think it's the BEST time of the day!

5) I am a horrible housekeeper. I do not understand the joy people get from the act of cleaning. I like it clean and want it done but I am terrible at it and can ignore the small stuff for an embarrassingly long time. (this was Sarah's but it is SO ME too) I also keep trying to get organized and get that way for a day or two ... but it doesn't last. Don't ask me why. I'm just a failure at it.

6) I will buy a gift or make gifts for Christmas all year long. The trick is to remember where I put everything and what I bought for who. On my good years, [some haven't been so good] I remember to pin a name on it and put everything in the same place in the storage room in the same spot where I can find it.

7) I like being alone. I need to be alone. [that's why I get up so early in the morning] I love my friends and family and need them too, but my ideal day is spending it alone with my knitting or even to do whatever housework I intend to do for the day. [which is more knitting these days] I get a lot done when no one else is around. [this was in part written by Sarah too ... we must be a little alike, huh?] I use to think I couldn't go to a restaurant to eat alone, but I've done it occasionally in the past 12 years and it's not so bad at all. Especially if I either have a book or my knitting with me. But I went to a movie once by myself and HATED that. Guess I need someone to interact with when I'm watching a movie, huh? Go figure.

So who's tagged?

Well ... really I'd rather say ...

"Join in if you want to!" [no pressure from the Stitchingnut.]

Oh and before I go ... don't forget
I'm giving a Needle Felting class at
Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem on
21 Front Street. Sunday, March 16 ... 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Come join me!
Felting Teddy

About the Weekend Knitting ...

First my grand FO ... the knit that even the DH loves ... Finished Object with capital letters!

The Zipped Vest by Veronik Avery
from Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives
Size 5, 34" circular needles, worked back and forth.

The body was suppose to be a moss stitch, but I did it in seed stitch. I started out wrong and just stuck with it. It Still came out great. And what counts is that the DH loves it and it fits perfectly. I loved knitting it too, so there will be another one in his future. Can you believe I've already ordered the yarn from K-pixie? It's the same yarn, Cleckheaton but this time in grey. And I'll do the moss stitch this time also. By the way, the top picture in the moss stitch link is called the British moss stitch and that's what I did ... but we know it as the Seed stitch. So here it is ...

the Zipped Vest for my sweet DH ...

Handknit Vest for my DH

Zipped Vest for DH

His favorite part is the collar ... PDRM3223_edited
PDRM3221_edited To keep his poor neck warm on those really cold days. PDRM3217_edited

You might remember the story about how I ran out of yarn for this vest. Well I've finished my February TV socks, BUT not without a few problems. Or rather, one major one ... I ran out of yarn AGAIN. I couldn't believe it. I've never had this happen with socks before. ran out of yarn That little tiny piece you see in my hand is all that's left. And I still needed at least two more decrease rows and enough yarn to do the Kitchener stitch for grafting the toe. And NO WAY would I buy another skein for this. No $26.00 for just the toe, mind you. So it was time to take a break, get Barefoot ... and make dinner while I think about this. [BTW, my DH brought home the Barefoot because I was whining over the phone to him about my yarn shortage for the socks.] just going Barefoot

Going Barefoot with Dinner Barefoot over dinner can only help with my thinking on a knitting problem right? Even if it was a "pain" to do. remove a few rows from the cuff cast off on the new cuff

I took 1/2 inch out of each cuff and cast off. Then joined the two "scraps" to the toe to finished my sock. doing the fix to the cuffs to get more yarn

February TV socks

I hope this running out of yarn doesn't turn into a bad habit!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

D = Dad ... of course

The next ABC Along is D and since it's only been 11 days since Dad passed away of course I'm going to think of him because he's on my mind a lot right now. [BTW, thanks for all the kind words and support you all have given me. I've got some great friends out there.] I didn't have to search far for a picture of Dad and me together since it's hanging on the wall in my computer room at home. It's the last picture taken of us alone together. It was in 2002 and Mom was unable to travel anymore, so Dad came up from Florida to go to his class reunion in Milford, New Hampshire by himself and he stopped by to spend some time with us in Massachusetts on his way North.

I guess I really do look like my Dad ...

D = Dad (and me)

And then there's Dad at age 6 with his Dad ...
My Dad at age 6 and his Dad

And then at age 14 with his Dad again. Can you tell Grandpa was in the Navy? My Dad joined the Navy at the age of 18 and then went on to retire from the Navy at the age of 39. That was soon after I had graduated from High School.

My Dad and his Dad in 1944

And I rather like this one with his Dad and sister.

Virginia, Pop and Art Jr (my Dad)

So here's to all the DAD's out there. Because D is for Dad!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A little of this, a little of that ...

A knitter on the road
Oh dear, the StitchingNut has been shopping again...

And what did she buy?

In no particular order ... Dale of Norway's


Hound's-Tooth Purse Kit. I purchased it from Patternworks and cast on two nights ago. Comes in that handy little zipped bag too!

I know, I know, I don't have enough to do already.

And waiting in the wings ... ummm, I mean under the bed is ...

Susan's Undulating Waves Scarf kit.

#334 Susan Undulating Waves Scarf kit

What can I say ... It was on sale! (at EarthFaire)

And I don't think I ever told you about this book .... Three Bags Full.

Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann

I finished reading this a few weeks back and meant to tell you about it. It's a murder mystery, but different. A shepard in Ireland dies and his flock of sheep try to solve the mystery of his murder. Who did it and why? All from the eyes and perspective of the sheep. They all work to unmask his killer and bring about justice. Can they figure out the answer to the questions and will the humans understand them? Got a chuckle out of me more than once.

Oh ya, I loved this book!

I got this lovely Shawl Pin at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn ... might have already shown this, maybe not.

shawl pin

Of course I needed a new shawl pin!

New earrings from White Wolf Spirits ...


Of course it's all about knitting! Isn't it?

And if anyone other than myself, thought I might refrain from buying anymore knitting books ... Well ...

color work for mittens & kids
Shaun the Sheep

Forget about it ... not going to happen.

[I can stop fooling myself now right?]

Do you suppose I might get my crochet mojo back soon?
Like VERY soon?

As Shaun says, "Life's A Treat" Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When you need instant gratification ...

What do you knit? Something small? Something easy?

How about a hat? Cast-on and Cast-off the same day kind of gratification. Now that's what I wanted. I needed it, in fact.

So for me it's a hat ...

Fake Isle Hat

Mag Knits Fake Isle Hat by Amy King

needle size:
Size 6 circular needle, 16" long
size 6 set of double pointed needles

1 skein Noro Silk Garden
1 skein Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

And this hat is for me! Fake Isle Hat

Cast-on Monday, Veteran's Day ... Cast-off same day ...
Now that's instant gratification for ya. Fake Isle Hat

Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting for peace of mind ...

Unless I'm trying to meet a deadline, the rhythm of knitting stitch after stitch is so soothing and peaceful. It's like a quiet song for the soul I think. And I needed that feeling this past week. The Zipped Vest for DH was actually the perfect knit for this reason too ... even if the deadline of Valentine's Day wasn't met. It was only a deadline I had set for myself anyway. My sweet DH said "I didn't expect it would done until next year anyhow." Well it held my interest and desire to knit. It was for someone else ... and not myself.

And this was the time to knit for someone else.

Do you see that little pile of yarn on the chair next to the scissors? Why do you suppose I put that there for the world to see?

Because it's absolutely all that's left of the yarn I had for this vest!

I had bought it on sale and could get no more either. Did I panic? Did I fret? Well maybe a little bit, but I was determined that I would have enough and just pieced together left little bits and pieces on the bind-off row. Just so I could do the bind off mind you. And what you see is all that was left once I weaved in all the ends. Whew! Don't sweat the small stuff ...

So it's on the blocking board right now. Once it had it's try-on by DH. M-m-m-m, looked good on him so far. A little blocking will defiantly help the curling from happening tho. But the color looks good on him and the length is just right ... the arms and shoulders too. He loves the collar and the texture of the stitch.

Yah, isn't that funny? He likes the texture and feel of the knit.

I love that guy!!

From my Valentine

p.s. In case you wondered ... Yes, I crocheted that doily about 10 years ago when crocheting was my obsession.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And he's my Dad ...

Arthur Arnold Hendrickson Jr.
November 9, 1928 -- February 13, 2008

Beloved son, brother, we called you 'Sonny'.
You worked hard and played harder than most.
You were a businessman and got all around town.
They called you the paper boy.
You are a Sweetheart, husband, lover, Alice calls you
You were a Navy career man and traveled
around the world.
You were a Chief Machinist Mate, buddy and
friend to many.
They called you Pop.
You were teacher, motivator and so much more.
They call you Dad.
You were baseball coach, homework coach, chauffeur,
pancake maker, story teller and so much more.

They call you Grandpa, Pop-pop, Great grand Dad,
buddy, chief, and friend.
It has been a good life.

You have lived it on your terms.
Thank you so very much for being you.
You have loved much and are loved greatly

When this life is over, your love will live on in
All of us as we strive to be all that we can be as you did.
We love you.

[writen by his sister, Virginia]

This is Dad and his sister in High School. Milford, NH 1946

And Dad with Mom, 1966 ...

The year before I graduated from High School ... 1966 ... this is the way I will always picture them together.

Ten years ago Dad showed me around Cypress Gardens ... we had the BEST time together! Thanks to Mom for loaning him to me for the day.

I love you and will miss you, Dad.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

C is for ...

Chocolate Candy!

And this is from my favorite candy store in Salem, Maria's Sweet Something's.

The DH and I went out for a walk last Saturday into town and all around Salem to see the Ice Sculptures. And of course we had to stop to try the Chocolate Fountain at Maria's. Yup, she had a fountain of chocolate that we could dip strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows or rice crispy chunks into. Yum-yum. Look at all the Valentine's displays and the bustling activity going on too.
But we also came here to see ...
Ice Sculptures!

The Friendship
Jazzin up Ice
Salem Witch

We saw 13 out of 15 ... but
did you just ask if I did any knitting over the weekend?

Tassled Earflap Hat #1
Tassled Earflap Hat #1

How about the
Tassled Earflap Hat by Kathy North published in Knit Simple Magazine, Fall 2007.

One down and just 6 more to go!

Getting a head start on Christmas ...