Sunday, February 24, 2008

D = Dad ... of course

The next ABC Along is D and since it's only been 11 days since Dad passed away of course I'm going to think of him because he's on my mind a lot right now. [BTW, thanks for all the kind words and support you all have given me. I've got some great friends out there.] I didn't have to search far for a picture of Dad and me together since it's hanging on the wall in my computer room at home. It's the last picture taken of us alone together. It was in 2002 and Mom was unable to travel anymore, so Dad came up from Florida to go to his class reunion in Milford, New Hampshire by himself and he stopped by to spend some time with us in Massachusetts on his way North.

I guess I really do look like my Dad ...

D = Dad (and me)

And then there's Dad at age 6 with his Dad ...
My Dad at age 6 and his Dad

And then at age 14 with his Dad again. Can you tell Grandpa was in the Navy? My Dad joined the Navy at the age of 18 and then went on to retire from the Navy at the age of 39. That was soon after I had graduated from High School.

My Dad and his Dad in 1944

And I rather like this one with his Dad and sister.

Virginia, Pop and Art Jr (my Dad)

So here's to all the DAD's out there. Because D is for Dad!

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