Saturday, June 30, 2012

I tried to keep the promise to myself ...

And work on WIPs instead of casting on for something new.

Did I do it? Well, not really. BUT ... I did get one WIP completed. 
Well just socks but I've been working on them for awhile.


And then I still had 2 more days before the next pattern came out for the Mystic Fire Shawl KAL so alas I CAST ON ...

For more than one Coffee Mug Cozy ... many cozies in fact. Even a Tea Mug Cozy.


IMG_7859 And I even gave them a little charming touch ... IMG_7857 IMG_7876

All the cups and cozies are going into a "Gift Closet" so when I need a gift for either a Gal or a Guy ... coffee or tea drinker ... a gift is all ready to wrap & give. And hey, I got these cups at bargain prices as well and I can get at least 4 cozies out of each skein of Cascade 220 Superwash. The button can cost as much as the yarn used but still a bargain. I can even add something to put inside the cup for an additional gift depending on the occasion. Tea spoon & tea bags; Coffee pack & chocolate bits.

For once I'm thinking ahead!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm well on my way ...

to finishing some WIPs like I said I would.

Can you believe it?

Yes to the Little Pink Cardigan


I used almost 3 skeins of Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn in pink and Vintage buttons purchased at my LYS Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem, MA. It's now ready for the next shower gift if it's going to be for a girl of course.

I also made booties and a drool catcher bib to match the sweater and the hat. Oh remember the hat I finished some time ago?


So here are Mary Jane Booties ...


And with only one vintage button left, I used it on a little Drooly Bib using more of the yarn from the hat and booties ...

IMG_7844 drooly bib and booties

The bib had a tie but I but the last button on and made a couple of button holes instead so it can be adjusted as the baby gets bigger.

I also finished a project I had started and finished knitting a week ago but just needed to sew on the button to complete it for use.  It's for me and I can tell ya it really does keep the coffee hot longer.

IMG_7822 coffee mug cozy

Finishing these many knits in just a few days has truely ...

Put me in the Pink!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Knitting continues ...

And somehow ...
those little cotton shawls keep falling off the needles!

Especially these two quick little freebie pattern numbers from Cascade Yarns ...

First there was the
Miami Beach Shawl by Vera Sanon using almost 2 skeins (left over from other projects so it was closer to 1.5 skeins) of  Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima
Miami Beach IMG_7762 Miami Beach IMG_7743

I just made the adjustments needed to finish with less yarn. Still a nice size though!
And the second one to fall off my needles was the...
Rose Garden Shawl by Vera Sanon using two skeins of Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima of which I did have in my stash. I love this yarn!
IMG_7791 IMG_7799
Another light cotton shawl to wear during Summer cool evenings or in one of the over AC restaurants.
But then I couldn't resist signing up for a KAL called Mystic Fire could I? I have even already completed the first clue which came out this past Wednesday. There'll be 3 clues in all so I've made a promise to myself to only knit on WIPs until the next Mystic Fire clue comes out next Wednesday. So you'll be seeing some finished items from long-ago cast-ons ... right? 
Such as this one?

But there are over 2 dozen other projects on needles so ...
Now the real question is; "Which one do I finish first?"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yes, a Bag Lady I am, I am!

Look what I just got in the mail ... from

Oh yes, I think I want more. Yes I do, I do!

I've dedicated my life to knitting ...

I hadn't even finished my last post when my DH interrupted me to remind me about appointments we had to get out to.  So now I'm back to finally showing you the Summer Socks. Well I've already shown the one pair for me. I think the second pair will be a Christmas gift for a sister that has been blatantly hinting for a pair ... Peds (without the pompoms)

Of course I use fingering weight yarn (if not lace weight) for shawls and I've been knitting the shawls up too ... You know I need the yarn for the Sock Yarn Blankie? It's only one quarter of the way done. I need a lot more yarn ... well a variety of sock yarn.  Well I also knit those up and put some into classes I teach down at the LYS. The next class will be Winnowing. The textured lace shawl below. I knit it in a cashmere but any fingering weight yarn will do. A solid or heathered color is best I think.

Summer Flies (once again)

Afternoon Tea by the Seashore

And finally I've knit Winnowing

And between all that ... I knit an easy doggy sweater for my sister's little dog, Bonny. To match the hat I knit for her (my sister) a few years back no less ...

Now I'm all caught up I think until I finished the dozens of other projects I have on the needles still.  Not to mention the millions of others that I want to cast on from my queue.

Did I tell you I have an obsession?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life has been one knit after another ...

I can't even remember were I left off the last time I posted what I've been knitting. I know it's all about the sock yarn I'm trying to use for socks so I'll have yarn left over for my Sock Yarn Blankie, but there's been other WIPs falling off the needles in the past few months or so. Such as;

The Vogue Ottoman Cover

I love the way it looks but it was quite the chore to knit with three strands at one time.

But it was worth it once it was done.

And then I made up this Icord Bracelet for a friend's birthday gift ...

No pattern. I just made it up as I went along. And it was the yarn left over from the shawl I also knit for her birthday. But I think I've already shown that to you already.

I also finished a crocheted shrug for my youngest grand daughter. It's another pattern I can't share with you right now because it's a test knit. But I can show you a picture of the beautiful little girl I knit it for ...

I took a picture of the sweater I knit for her for Christmas too and guess what .... she's almost out grown it already. Did I tell you she's only 6? The sweater is for an 8 yr old.

I went to take her sweater off  in order to try on the shrug and she said, "Grammy don't take my sweater. I LOVE my sweater!"  I had to convince her I wasn't taking it. Only wanted her to try on the shrug and she then could have both of them.

It's really nice to have someone that really and truely loves my knitting!!