Monday, June 11, 2012

Life has been one knit after another ...

I can't even remember were I left off the last time I posted what I've been knitting. I know it's all about the sock yarn I'm trying to use for socks so I'll have yarn left over for my Sock Yarn Blankie, but there's been other WIPs falling off the needles in the past few months or so. Such as;

The Vogue Ottoman Cover

I love the way it looks but it was quite the chore to knit with three strands at one time.

But it was worth it once it was done.

And then I made up this Icord Bracelet for a friend's birthday gift ...

No pattern. I just made it up as I went along. And it was the yarn left over from the shawl I also knit for her birthday. But I think I've already shown that to you already.

I also finished a crocheted shrug for my youngest grand daughter. It's another pattern I can't share with you right now because it's a test knit. But I can show you a picture of the beautiful little girl I knit it for ...

I took a picture of the sweater I knit for her for Christmas too and guess what .... she's almost out grown it already. Did I tell you she's only 6? The sweater is for an 8 yr old.

I went to take her sweater off  in order to try on the shrug and she said, "Grammy don't take my sweater. I LOVE my sweater!"  I had to convince her I wasn't taking it. Only wanted her to try on the shrug and she then could have both of them.

It's really nice to have someone that really and truely loves my knitting!!


Sue said...

Oh your granddaughter is just adorable. I love your ottoman cover, and I could just imagine how hard that was to knit with 3 strands.

Susan said...

Love, love, love the ottoman cover.

Wonder if I can get away with knitting a tuffet cover?