Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've dedicated my life to knitting ...

I hadn't even finished my last post when my DH interrupted me to remind me about appointments we had to get out to.  So now I'm back to finally showing you the Summer Socks. Well I've already shown the one pair for me. I think the second pair will be a Christmas gift for a sister that has been blatantly hinting for a pair ... Peds (without the pompoms)

Of course I use fingering weight yarn (if not lace weight) for shawls and I've been knitting the shawls up too ... You know I need the yarn for the Sock Yarn Blankie? It's only one quarter of the way done. I need a lot more yarn ... well a variety of sock yarn.  Well I also knit those up and put some into classes I teach down at the LYS. The next class will be Winnowing. The textured lace shawl below. I knit it in a cashmere but any fingering weight yarn will do. A solid or heathered color is best I think.

Summer Flies (once again)

Afternoon Tea by the Seashore

And finally I've knit Winnowing

And between all that ... I knit an easy doggy sweater for my sister's little dog, Bonny. To match the hat I knit for her (my sister) a few years back no less ...

Now I'm all caught up I think until I finished the dozens of other projects I have on the needles still.  Not to mention the millions of others that I want to cast on from my queue.

Did I tell you I have an obsession?

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