Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slow but Sure ... my lace will bloom.

Clue one is done!

Not only socks are taking over my life right now.
So here is 118 rows of magic.

Clue # 1 complete on the Mystic Meadows stole

I'm in love with the magic of Lace!

But I do have a lot of sock knitting to do and this was ...

Only a brief Intermission.

Want to see more? Sure you do.

Clue # 1 complete on the Mystic Meadows stole

Clue # 1 complete on the Mystic Meadows stole

Clue # 1 complete on the Mystic Meadows stole

Now it's time to go do some real serious knitting ...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Second pair done!

Second pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2008 that is. As of this afternoon at lunch time. Just had to get home and take pictures.

They are my Seed Stitch Summer Socks.
[more pictures on Ravelry]

Seed Stitch Summer Socks

Specs: include 7” legs Seed Stitch Summer Socks

so I can turn them down for cuffs.

Needles size US 2 / 2.75 mm dpn
Yarn Brooklyn Handspun Signature - Superwash Sock Yarn
[purchased at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in Salem, MA]

How much? 1 skein = 480.0 yards (438.9m)
Colorway: Seed Stitch
[named after Seed Stitch Fine Yarn of course]

Pattern: Basic 2x2 rib from Gettting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd

I LOVE these socks!

But there's more socks to knit ...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Begosh, Begotta & Behold, I have socks!

My first pair of socks for Summer of Socks 2008 KAL have been finished!

Slip Stitch Cable Socks

Slip Stitch Cable Socks

Slip Stitch Cable Socks

Specs for my Strawberry Margarita Socks ...
Slip Stitch Cable Socks

Needle US 3 / 3.25 mm
Yarn Brooklyn Handspun Soft Spun Plus
How much? 1 skein = 375.0 yards (342.9m)
Colorway: Strawberry Margarita
Purchased at Brooklyn Handspun
Pattern: Slip-Stitch Cable Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott from The Little Box of Socks.

Note: the cuffs are 6 inches long.

BTW, if you're wondering how I got a pair of socks done so fast remember, I have no kids at home and I can do what I want most of the time … so I just knit all day this past Saturday & Sunday. This won’t happen during the weekdays believe me, but I am working on a more simple style of socks during the week anyway. Then ... well there's always 2 or 3 on the needles. And you all know that I knit on the Commuter Rail too.

Also ... next week I'm on vacation. Timed that just right didn't I?

Now, back to knitting socks!

Before a Summer of Socks begins ...

I finally took a picture of my latest Shape It! scarf that I finished last week ...

Shape It! scarf

I also finished Yoga/Dance Socks for a Christmas gift ...

Yoga Dance Socks from the Little Box of Socks

They're for someone who does yoga twice a week and it AIN'T me!


Yoga Dance Socks

And since they don't have toes and heels, they don't count toward the SOS2008 KAL, besides the fact that I started them before the "start date". So I finished just in time before SOS2008 began on Saturday!

Needle - US 1 / 2.25 mm
Yarn - Knit Picks Dancing (1 skein)
Colorway - 23587
Pattern - Yoga/Dance Socks from The Little Box of Socks

THEN ...
I got my supplies together ... My Sock Project Stash

and planned what to start first. Hey, did I tell you about this? This little dog tag I purchased from knitcellaneous. So neat ... a Kitchener reminder to attach to your knitting bag!
Kitchener Reminder Tag

And then Saturday I cast on for Summer of Socks ... SOS2008 sock #2 SOS2008 sock #3 Slip-Stitch Cable Socks And you didn't think I was going to cast on for anything less than three different pairs of socks right? So I can have a change of pace when I need it right? They don't call me the StitchingNut for nothing!!

You may not see much of anything else for awhile other than socks or maybe a little lace perhaps ...

But I'll be reading my favorite blogs and occasionally take the time to comment. Something like "drive by" commenting perhaps. Rest assured, I'll be checking out what everybody else is doing also but trying to knit as many socks as I can before September 1st. Mind you, I may be missing in action in that case.

Okay it's time to go back to my sock knitting.

L = Lace & M = Magic for the Magic of Lace!

I couldn't help myself. I had to join L & M together for the ABC along.

My very first lace project was the Mystery Shawl that ended out be called Swan Lake ...

Which was this blob while I was knitting ... MS3 Swan Lake

Before it magically became this beautiful stole after blocking ...


And that is Magic! Wearing the MS3 at SSFY

Friday, June 20, 2008

Special sock patterns ...

are everywhere these days. Or so it seems. Usually I'll purchase a book of sock pattern like this one that recently came out. I have it in my hot little hands right now and believe me, it's a fantastic resource of sock patterns. I love it!

But occasionally I purchase a single pattern online when it's for a special cause. And this one ... Guided by Love Socks ... IS special. And I'm about to purchase it right now. Even if you're a Cat person ... you're going to love and want this one too. Go for it!

It's for sale on Ravelry ... socks to mend

And all profits are being donated to charity!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have you made your Summer goals list yet?

Skeins Her Way is having her Summer knitting goal's list contest! Sweet William

So my list consist of: *[undated] {I forget a couple WIPs}

1. Knit at least 7 pairs of socks for the Summers of Socks 2008 KAL. One of those being a Christmas gift for my DD.

2. Complete the Hats I have planned as gifts for the grandchildren. I have one done so far and Tassled Earflap Hat #1 I only have five more to do. Yarn is just sitting there waiting.

3. Knit a sweater for the youngest granddaughter for Christmas along with the hat & slippers I've planned. [slippers are planned for the Fall not the Summer knitting] I think I'd like to make the sweater I saw in the latest Creative Knitting magazine. In pink!

4. Complete the Mystic Meadows stole I'm knitting [see picture below]

5. Knit a pair of earrings after each pair of socks I knit. [they only take 1 1/2 hours to do ya know]

6. And last but not least ... crochet at least 10 octagons each week for the bedspread.

*7. Finish the "All Ruffled Up" for Mom. It's her Christmas gift this year.

*8. Can I manage at least a few rows knitted to the Einstein Coat and the Modern Quilt Wrap?
[maybe not so much]


That might be all that I can handle in one Summer, you think?

Yellow Yarrow

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I can't say I just knit this weekend ...
because we went to visit the Muchikin Gang in NH for Father's Day.
No time for knitting there.

Of course little JD is the leader of the gang ...

Mersadese, Jayden, Ashlee

Jay and Ash

Jay and Boo

Samantha and Jayden

Catelyn and Jayden


and she even has that goofy Grammy under her spell ...

Jay and goofy Grammy

Heidi and Jayden But it was Mumma Mumma or

Ganpa, Ganpa ...
Hey Ganpa look at this ... was constantly being announced.

And even tho this plaque was on the wall as you walk in ...

Spoiled Children?

Nor can you spank Grandpa either!

And Father's Day was topped off with the sweetest card from this little Muchikin Follower here ... Mersadese. Mersadese

Her card to Grandpa Bill said ...

to: Grammpa
from: Mersadese

"What a kind grammpa Bill I have.
My hourt would be broken if I did not have you in my life.
Your the nicest grammpa Bill in the world.
To tell you the truth your the best one yet so I love you so much.
You make me laufh so much that you are the Love of my life."

Love, Mersadese

Mersadese Wow, what a coincidence!
That's why I fell in love with him, Mersadese.

He makes me laugh! Grandpa Bill

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's in the Bag!

Sock yarn that is ...

Hana Sock Knitting Bags

By the way ... these little sock bags were made by HanaPurse on Etsy

I'm all ready for the Summer of Socks 2008 knitting. One little bag for an easier knit sock. Like in front of the TV or during Community Knitting night maybe. The other little bag is for a more complicated pattern that can also be done on the commuter train or in the morning when no one is talking to me. Ha, I will have one additional bag (my usual sock bag that was a gift from my friend Cindy in Canada) for the next sock to be started and I can just grab the bag with everything in it. When a bag is empty, it'll be filled with the next sock project.

Oh ya, I can't forget this sock bag ... now this is for the REALLY easy sock knitting!

Regia sock yarn and Erda bag

This all doesn't even start until June 21st mind you. Good Gosh, I'm ready NOW. Well I do have some lace to work on. And a Einstein Coat ... and Shape It! scarf and ...

I'm ready to go knit! knitting in publicJPG

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Would a Yarn Fanatic in the North Shore Area be interested?

Seed Stitch Fine Yarn
available part-time position:

We are looking for a skilled knitter and/or crocheter with sales experience to work
Friday and every other Sunday.
You must be cheerful, enthusiastic, willing to assist customers with their projects, and love people.

Please come into the store to fill out an application.

21 Front Street - Salem, MA

I just got this in their newsletter and want to pass the word along to you.

If I wasn't so darn busy knitting on my time off, I'd apply for it. But I'm already teaching crochet there on 3 Sunday afternoons in July already. This is besides having a full time job at M.I.T. mind you. And not because I need the money [other than for stash splurging that is] ... but

I just love hanging out at Seed Stitch!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I would wilt in this heat too ...

I took pictures of my beautiful Peonies before the heat wave hit us and it's a good thing I did. They looked pretty sad under the heavy weight of the humid hot air we're getting when I was leaving for work this morning.

my Peonies

my Peonies

And the fragrance was divine ... my Peonies

Of course the hugh Lamb's Ears plantings by my walk don't mine the heat. I love to reach down and pet their leaves. If you don't know this plant, find it. It doesn't have flowers but it gives interest to the garden and when planted near a border it's a "pick me up" to your senses when you "feel" the leaves.

Lamb's Ear

Can't think of anything better to do when I'm not knitting, like playing in my garden. Unless ...

I have money to go shopping!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hot as H*LL and I've knit a Cape!

Now on display at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn on 21 Front Street in Salem, MA ... the Shoreline Cape! .

A Stitch Poet design by Champagne Maker.

Shoreline Cape

Shoreline Cape

And if you would like to see it in person or purchase the pattern, it'll be on display at Seed Stitch until December. The size runs on the small side. But it’s a good size for a small adult or teenager. Roberta from Seed Stitch tried it on so I could get some pictures. Looks pretty cute on her doesn't it?!

Shoreline Cape

Pattern calls for Debbie Bliss Super Chunky which SSFY didn't have at the time so I used two Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Arans held together. Gauge is 3 stitch per inch with size 11 needle and that’s what I got in my swatch using the two Arans.

Shoreline Cape

Check it out ...Shoreline Caped

Now who should I gift this too?