Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Going Green is easy ...

when you create a Crochet Market Bag with me at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn.

Going Green Market Bag

I'll be doing a workshop Sundays, July 18 & 25, 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. Hope you join me.
Going Green Market Bag

There's even a group on Ravelry

that enjoy making Market Bags. I made this one with a Moebius style handle also by giving it one twist before slip stitching it to the other side. The twist actually helps in keeping it onto my shoulder and having it hang in a comfortable & pleasing way at my side. I also prefer shoulder straps to the clutch when I'm shopping at the Farmer's Market. Which is where these bags really come in handy.

Remember this one?

String bag in use.

You'll be seeing me with one of these when the Farmer's Market opens up this Summer.

It really is easy being green!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Instant gratification" ...

is when you knit a hat!



It doesn't even take a whole skein of yarn when you use Cascade 220 Paints yarn. If you're curious about the pattern ... it's from 60 Quick Knits ... my all time favorite book of knitting patterns.

Today it is anyway!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Waste not; want not.

We should use up every bit of yarn that we can shouldn't we? That's what my grandmother use to do. And since I'm a Capricorn it's a part of my nature to use everything anyway. Especially if it's beautiful, soft and nice to knit with. Such as Cascade's Superwash Paints.

So after I knit the Chain-Link Scarf,

Chain-Link Scarf

I came up with a hat ...

The Pillbox Hat from the same Cascade book, 60 Quick Knits. And still I have more yarn left over.

So that means a pair of fingerless mitts right? I think maybe the Mock Cable from 60 Quick Knits would fit the bill.


Oh ya, they're perfect!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Not just another scarf ...

A really nice one in my book too ... called the

Chain-Link Scarf by Lois Young published in 60 Quick Knits.

Chain-Link Scarf

Notice I made one modification. I added a bullion fringe on both ends.

Chain-Link Scarf

I think it gives it the right touch. A more finished look.

Chain-Link Scarf

And even tho the back is totally different, it's a nice look also. Textured.

Chain-Link Scarf

But it's also going into the Christmas basket!