Saturday, July 28, 2007

Got my Invitation and I'll be missing in Action!

Mail Call today included these ... This really cute tshirt "Know Your Cuts of Lamb" and also a canvas bag with the same picture. I got them from City Knitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They don't have an online store yet, but I just called [ (616) 454-9276] and placed an order. Only took two days to get my package.

And I've already put a project in the bag. It's this sweater that Elaine sent up with my sister, Lori for me to finish. If I want too. Well it's almost done so I will. It'll be too small for me or my husband, so I'm hoping one of the grandsons would like it. My 12 year old, Nicky loves hand knits, so I think I'll ask him.

The there's Ravelry and how much I'm going to have to work to get up to speed with the others already there now that I've got my Invitation. And I've got lots of inventory to put on and projects to list, needles and supplies too. So I'll be at the computer for awhile. But at last I will have an opportunity to get everything under control and manageable now. Hahah, I THINK! That's my intention.

And not only that ... I have a blogger friend, Sara at FabricNFiberFanatic in New Hampshire coming down to see the Yarn Harlot in Burlington, MA on Thursday and then over to see me next Friday in Salem, MA. After a day with me she'll be heading up to Portsmouth, NH to meet up with a couple of other blogging buddies. It'll be real nice to meet her and she's going to love Salem. Where will I take her first? Why Seed Stitch Fine Yarn of course!!

So ... unless something important comes up, I'll be missing in action but not far from a computer! In the meantime ... get to "Know your Cuts of Lamb"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mooooooooo ...

My Moo Cards are in!

And to update anyone who doesn't know what a Moo Card is ... it's like a mini-business card. Only you have your own pictures printed on one side and on the other you can have #1 Name, #2 blog http:// address, #3 email address, #4 Other (I put my Travel Web address on) and then it's your own little card to pass out. Let's say I would give it to someone that says, "And what's your Blog?" "What do you mean, MIT Stitching NUT?"

Aren't they cute? Altho I could have taken some better pictures in better light ... I was in a hurry to take these and show ya before I head out to work today. Well I took the pictures last night when I got home and I get up before sunrise. Ah well ... don't ask.

Have you got your Moo in yet?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Almost there!

Thanks to Knit Obsession for showing me the way to find out ...

Check here for your place on Ravelry!

This is mine!

Updated ...
  • You signed up on June 5, 2007
  • You are #6977 on the list.
  • 396 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 13189 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far
Otherwise, I wasn't paying much attention.

I'm patient only because I have so much to do already

... like knitting or shopping or blogging.

I think I need a drink!

WAIT, I just got the word ...

The Sorting Hat has spoken!

Sister, Sister ...

"And why are you taking a crooked picture, Rhonda?" "'Cause I think it's Artful" ... " And makes you look as silly as me, hehe."

This weekend was dedicated to visiting my sister, Lori from Florida. I only had 1 & 1/2 days with her, so needless to say, knitting didn't get done. I did have a good time and lots of laughs with my favorite sister. She's 13 years younger than me and the youngest of 5 of my sisters. Yup, I'm the oldest of 6 girls. Two boys did come along eventually when I was 16 and 21. But the two that I took care of were Lori and the first of my brothers, Arthur. That is until I left home when I was around 19. Lori's my favorite. Shouldn't have favorites I know, but I do. Doesn't mean I don't love the others tho. But Lori is just special to me.

Lori wanted to learn to embroider, so I started her out on the basics. She has a couple of good books to guide her now, so she can continue to learn on her own as well. But she was learning fast and I had her doing as much as she could do in one day. Before you know it ... I'll get an embroidered gift from her for Christmas. Right?

And see that little teapot in front of us? Well in our travels around Salem's shops it was found. [Ya, we found time to shop too!] Since I like teapots and bunnies remind Lori of me and Iris' are her signature flower she bought it for me so that when I have tea in it I'll be reminded of our good time together. We enjoyed "Lemon Tree Green Tea" from New Civilitea while we worked. [Hey look at the Stitchingnut, Rhonda -- what a HAM!]

And I can't forget about the teapot my Mom sent up to me from Florida with Lori. Isn't this beautiful? It sits right on top of a big cup and is just right for 2 cups of tea for just me. LOL, do you think she's trying to guarantee that I felt up a tea cozy for her? She did mention it was on her "wish list" for Christmas. M-m-m-m

I won't talk about the knitting I had planned on doing this weekend but I will show you a few things I got that is related to either sheep ... or knitting. Ha, the first one is a purchase I make on the Etsy Shop Greenwillow Crafts. Little Mini microwave potholders. I think they're a nice idea. So one pair is at home (the cherries) by my microwave and the other (sheep) is at work by my microwave for removing those reheated coffees, hot soups, or Smart Ones or Kashi TV dinners cooked up for lunch. Keeps my fingers from getting burned.

Then from Paradise Fibers, I got this Euroflax Linen Yarn to make the pullover shell pattern in the picture. I want to loose more weight tho and will probably wait to knit it up for next Summer. After all ...

There's so much more knitting to do. How about the fact that I've now fallen in love with LACE? Am I crazy or what? Look at the beautiful lace yarn I got from The Loopy Ewe. This is Lane Borgosesia Cashwool. Made of 100% Extra Fine Merino and inexpensive but SO soft, it's unbelievable! Now I'm thinking Christmas gifts here. But is it THIS Christmas I'm considering or NEXT Christmas? LOL, I'm a glutton for punishment if I think it's going to be this Christmas. After all, I'm also preparing for my next lace project after the Mystery Stole 3 ... and it's using Kid Silk Haze.

The pattern is from this book, Victorian Lace Today. What a beautiful book this is. Even my DH thumbed threw it and pointed out the beautiful scarves, shawls, and stoles in there.

So which one am I planning to undertake with the Kid Silk?
How about this one?

Yah, I know ... I'm the Nut around here!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have you ever ...

... seen anything like this?

The box is wood with metal handle and clasps and the inside is red felt with red plastic inserts and dividers. This was given to me this weekend. It's from a friend of my sister's in Florida that has to par down her household items and also give up knitting and cross stitch. Knitting is something she learned to do years ago from her Mother and now has to give up because she can no longer do it at the age of 84. I feel so sad about that, but I'm so honored and thrilled to receive something I will treasure for many years to come [until I shall have to pass it on to another knitter also]. It's a way to store and organize my knitting needles and supplies. Have you ever seen anything like it? Here's more pictures of what it looks like inside and what it contains.

Click on each picture (use back arrow to go back) to get a good view of each picture and it's contents:

A few things in there are for cross stitching so I'll move them to another orgainzier and add more of my own knitting supplies to the box. This is amazing. A place for everything. I love it! The only thing I could find out about it is that Elaine ordered it from a catalog from New England (she thinks it was Rhode Island) and one of the trays inside has a cover with the name NEEDLENEET registered mark printed on it and U.S. Patent No. 3322310. From that I could only find that it was issued in 1967 to a Higgs. M-m-m-m, I graduated from High School in 1967. Altho, I wasn't knitting at that time, the year is significant to me only because I was soon on my own after that.

Thanks Elaine for a lovely knitting gift. I'll treasure it forever and will pass it along when I have to. Hopefully to someone that will treasure it as much as I do and knits as passionately as others before them.

And thank you Lori for bringing it to me ... and understanding my knitting obsession!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A busy weekend ahead ...

Besides having company for Friday and Saturday, I'll be working on WIPs. One of my sisters from Florida will be here and she wants to learn to do embroidery ... so that's first on my list of things to do ... teach embroidery. I'll be bringing her down to Front Street also -- of course! But then I really should get back to the Math Whiz socks. I've been on my 2nd one for what feels like forever ...

And I really want to make a few more Sock Earrings. One pair for a gift ... and others to sell.

And remember the yummy handspun yarn given to me by Weaver? Well I've knit up the purple & pink into an experiment I'll finish this weekend ... show you later.

And the Orange handspun is still waiting to be something nice. I'm thinking a scarf. But I'll decide another day. I still enjoy patting it ... so it's in the basket by my chair, LOL.

I'm about to finish the Summer Cardigan I've been knitting from this book. Blocking will happen this weekend. Hope it fits!

And of course, there's the Mystery Stole 3 that continues this weekend. I get the next clue tomorrow morning ... yippy, I can't wait.

Life is good!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Falling in Love with Lace?

I finished the 3rd Clue to Mystery Stole 3 in record time [for me] last night. Here it is Tuesday and I have until Friday before the next Clue comes out. [this time a double clue, I think]

Here it is laid out to view. M-m-m-m, I'm now seeing a bumble bee, honey combs and a start to flowers in a garden. Melanie hasn't given us the theme for this stole yet so we're all still trying to guess what it is. She recommended White or Black for this stole and I just choose the black since I'll be wearing it by Winter. Actually by October and since I live in Salem, MA I had to have BLACK. I'll do others in pastels sometime. Opps, did I just say I'd knit more lace? Reckon I did. Yup. And I want to do more beads in my knitting also.

You've got to see what Anny Purls has got for sale. These are so adorable! So you know what I might be knitting soon don't ya?

Before I go, I want to show you another card that I found. Well I've been getting Laini's Ladies for some time now. But I found this one on knitting. I like to keep a few on hand to send out for special occasions or people because I think they're special and deserve something different like this card. Well I saw that she had this one on knitting ... and I couldn't resist getting a few for my knitting friends or myself [smile]. I love these cards ... and best yet ... I can take the charm & hang it up as an ornament. Like in my kitchen or dinning room window. Or the bedroom window. Or outside on the patio. So cute!

You can find Laini's cards at Bottman's.

Time to go knit a sock ... Work. What do you mean I have to go to work? Oh nooooooo ... I want to knit!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sitting around on a Hot Saturday Night ...

I just got back from New Hampshire. While the DH went on a little fishing trip, I went up to visit grandchildren and my DD Heidi & SIL, Jeremy. It was a hot humid day, but we worked in the garden pulling weeds & planted more seeds [they'll have plenty of peas, LOL] and then turning on the sprinkler to give them a good watering. We all then sat around the fire pit for a grilled dinner and cool drinks before lighting a fire in the early evening light. So nice to sit and talk. I also got some pictures of course ...

What ever did they do in the Old Days?

You know ... before the age of Electronics?

Well notice how the two oldest here are so bummed out because they couldn't be on the phone or the computer for the WHOLE day. Bummer. Well I know I'd be the one knitting in front of the camp fire until ...

I could.not.see.what I was doing anymore and

No that is NOT Ashlee's drink on the table there!

And why would you think it was mine? Remember, I'm knitting ...
that's my story and I'm sticking to it~!