Saturday, July 28, 2007

Got my Invitation and I'll be missing in Action!

Mail Call today included these ... This really cute tshirt "Know Your Cuts of Lamb" and also a canvas bag with the same picture. I got them from City Knitting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They don't have an online store yet, but I just called [ (616) 454-9276] and placed an order. Only took two days to get my package.

And I've already put a project in the bag. It's this sweater that Elaine sent up with my sister, Lori for me to finish. If I want too. Well it's almost done so I will. It'll be too small for me or my husband, so I'm hoping one of the grandsons would like it. My 12 year old, Nicky loves hand knits, so I think I'll ask him.

The there's Ravelry and how much I'm going to have to work to get up to speed with the others already there now that I've got my Invitation. And I've got lots of inventory to put on and projects to list, needles and supplies too. So I'll be at the computer for awhile. But at last I will have an opportunity to get everything under control and manageable now. Hahah, I THINK! That's my intention.

And not only that ... I have a blogger friend, Sara at FabricNFiberFanatic in New Hampshire coming down to see the Yarn Harlot in Burlington, MA on Thursday and then over to see me next Friday in Salem, MA. After a day with me she'll be heading up to Portsmouth, NH to meet up with a couple of other blogging buddies. It'll be real nice to meet her and she's going to love Salem. Where will I take her first? Why Seed Stitch Fine Yarn of course!!

So ... unless something important comes up, I'll be missing in action but not far from a computer! In the meantime ... get to "Know your Cuts of Lamb"

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