Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have you ever ...

... seen anything like this?

The box is wood with metal handle and clasps and the inside is red felt with red plastic inserts and dividers. This was given to me this weekend. It's from a friend of my sister's in Florida that has to par down her household items and also give up knitting and cross stitch. Knitting is something she learned to do years ago from her Mother and now has to give up because she can no longer do it at the age of 84. I feel so sad about that, but I'm so honored and thrilled to receive something I will treasure for many years to come [until I shall have to pass it on to another knitter also]. It's a way to store and organize my knitting needles and supplies. Have you ever seen anything like it? Here's more pictures of what it looks like inside and what it contains.

Click on each picture (use back arrow to go back) to get a good view of each picture and it's contents:

A few things in there are for cross stitching so I'll move them to another orgainzier and add more of my own knitting supplies to the box. This is amazing. A place for everything. I love it! The only thing I could find out about it is that Elaine ordered it from a catalog from New England (she thinks it was Rhode Island) and one of the trays inside has a cover with the name NEEDLENEET registered mark printed on it and U.S. Patent No. 3322310. From that I could only find that it was issued in 1967 to a Higgs. M-m-m-m, I graduated from High School in 1967. Altho, I wasn't knitting at that time, the year is significant to me only because I was soon on my own after that.

Thanks Elaine for a lovely knitting gift. I'll treasure it forever and will pass it along when I have to. Hopefully to someone that will treasure it as much as I do and knits as passionately as others before them.

And thank you Lori for bringing it to me ... and understanding my knitting obsession!

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Anonymous said...

I have one of these and have the instruction sheet that came with it. The instruction sheet says patent pending so it had to be one of the first pieces made and it also says it was made by Sleepy Jim, whoever he may be, and it should be cared for, like any fine furniture by using Simoniz fine furniture wax to help protect the finish.