Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mooooooooo ...

My Moo Cards are in!

And to update anyone who doesn't know what a Moo Card is ... it's like a mini-business card. Only you have your own pictures printed on one side and on the other you can have #1 Name, #2 blog http:// address, #3 email address, #4 Other (I put my Travel Web address on) and then it's your own little card to pass out. Let's say I would give it to someone that says, "And what's your Blog?" "What do you mean, MIT Stitching NUT?"

Aren't they cute? Altho I could have taken some better pictures in better light ... I was in a hurry to take these and show ya before I head out to work today. Well I took the pictures last night when I got home and I get up before sunrise. Ah well ... don't ask.

Have you got your Moo in yet?

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