Thursday, July 19, 2007

A busy weekend ahead ...

Besides having company for Friday and Saturday, I'll be working on WIPs. One of my sisters from Florida will be here and she wants to learn to do embroidery ... so that's first on my list of things to do ... teach embroidery. I'll be bringing her down to Front Street also -- of course! But then I really should get back to the Math Whiz socks. I've been on my 2nd one for what feels like forever ...

And I really want to make a few more Sock Earrings. One pair for a gift ... and others to sell.

And remember the yummy handspun yarn given to me by Weaver? Well I've knit up the purple & pink into an experiment I'll finish this weekend ... show you later.

And the Orange handspun is still waiting to be something nice. I'm thinking a scarf. But I'll decide another day. I still enjoy patting it ... so it's in the basket by my chair, LOL.

I'm about to finish the Summer Cardigan I've been knitting from this book. Blocking will happen this weekend. Hope it fits!

And of course, there's the Mystery Stole 3 that continues this weekend. I get the next clue tomorrow morning ... yippy, I can't wait.

Life is good!

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