Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catching up while falling behind ...

What a busy weekend. And all of it involves something to do with knitting too!

This month's STR Club arrived and is no longer a spoiler so I'm posting a picture of my goodies now .... well, I think most people have already received theirs & done this already. The colorway is Firebird. Love the color! But once again, I'm not into the sock pattern. I'll look it over more thoroughly before I give it a thumbs down. It might surprise me and knit up nicely. So I'll let you know. But I can't even begin to knit this one until the Math Whiz is done.

Thursday night I got my Mystery Stole 3 swatches done. Well I only needed to do two. The first one is on size 4 needles with only 2 pattern repeats and the 2nd is on size 5 with the beads knit in with 3 repeats. I tried out the matte black beads and the shiny black beads on the Zephyr Ebony lace yarn. I love this yarn. It's wool & silk and feels so nice while knitting as well as after blocking.

Can you tell which beads I'm using? Bet you can barely see the matte black. Didn't think so ... which is why I'm using the shiny black. You can see those at the point of the 1st row of yarn overs. The matte is in the middle row and just blends right in. It would make no sense to use them here. Okay, I'll use them in another project someday, 'coz I'm really liking the fact that I'm knitting with beads. I'm on row 51 of the mystery stole and have only 49 rows to go before the next clue comes out next Friday. BTW, I can only do this lace knitting early in the morning with no TV on or DH up and talking to distract me. Even then I've developed a twitch in my right eye lid. What's up with that? It stops after I've put the knitting down and away, LOL. I hope it doesn't happen every morning while I'm working on this. I need to do at least 10 rows a day in order to get them done before the next clue comes out.

FOB here ...

but I can't give you a picture of me modeling it until Thursday night's Community Knitting at SSFY. It's not for me tho. It's for my Mom. She use to wear a shawl/jacket I crocheted for her years ago. But since she lost so much weight in her shoulders it keeps falling off so I knit this one for those colder evenings during the Winter in Florida. It has cotton & nylon in the yarn so it won't be too hot but just warm enough to keep a chill out. I'll ask someone to take some pictures since the DH just doesn't do as well in that department. Hope Kendra will be there 'coz she's pretty good at it. In fact, she took a good picture of me with the felted sign at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. Will show you that below.

But first, here's another new project ... a WIP. A little Summer Cardigan in green Shine from KnitPicks. Their green is more like a Kelly Green to me ... I like it! The back is almost done already. Can I possibly get this done before the Summer is over?

Here's the sign hanging in it's permanent home. I think I'll do some more shopping at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn ...

Yup, I see more yarn coming home with me. Don't you? Some for a felted vest and some for another Lily Chin jacket. Haven't taken the pictures yet though. No time right now, but I'll tell you more about it after Thursday night when pictures of the pink & orange jacket are taken.

I did take a picture of a little blanket I bought there ...

It's a Crispina by Fuchsia, Inc. They make new items from old used items, such as wool sweaters, denim jeans, corduroys and t-shirts. This blanket is from wool sweaters. And I love it!

It was perfect today sitting outside to knit altho it was cooler and breezier. So I just covered my bare little toes with my little woollen blanket and knit while DH read his book. Cozy huh?

In fact, that's where I'm going to be for the next hour or two. Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine.

See ya in a few days ...

with knitting needles in my hands!

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