Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When a major project if finished ...

I should wear it somewhere to celebrate. Let's see ... there's a birthday party to attend with a class on Hooking Rugs with Amy from Lincoln Farms.

What shall I wear?

Rowan Erika Poncho

Oh yah, my Erika Poncho, pattern from Rowan Classic Winter Solace using Rowan's Alpaca Cotton is DONE.

The party was a blast and hooking lessons was fun!

Cindy and Laura
Rhonda and Margie
Laura, Pat and Kitty
Margie, Nancy and Jill
Working on Signature
Rhonda having fun

I not only LOVE the Poncho ...

In my Rowan Erika Poncho

I just feel so D*m cute wearing it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just another scarf ...

Braided Scarf

Project info
: Braided Scarf with Spud & Chloe
Braided by Susan B. Anderson
Needle and yarn
US 13 / 9.0 mm
US 17 / 12.75 mm
3 skeins = 180.0 yards (164.6m)
Soapstone #7200

Rhonda & her Braided Scarf

And warm enough to walk about town even on the coldest days!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Other than knitting ...

There's a Festival in Salem to attend with my SIL.

And I didn't even take my knitting bag with me. Really!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I crochet as well ...

as knit. Although, I use to feel like a crocheter is the "poor" cousin of the knitters. Yet I still loved to crochet. I'm obsessed with knitting but my first love is crochet. After all, I crocheted for over 40 years.

Crocheted Flower Scarf

I want to share this wonderful article I read today. Very inspirational and even contains some of my own beliefs as I was growing up such as; "Every dream begins with the decision to try to accomplish it. If you believe you can, you can." I thought of my great grandmother Brown when I read it. I spent many hours visiting with her when I was a child. I thought she was fascinating. I loved the stories she told of her own childhood. And of course I loved her crochet!

Crochet Cardigan

After every crochet class I teach now; I no longer feel like a "poor" cousin. I now feel like the "rich" Aunt sharing my love of Fiber Art.

And teaching a skill that will last forever.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Freshing our crafting skills ...

by taking a class in making Dorset Buttons.

Went to a class at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and fell in love these buttons. It's our way of going Green and using up bit and bubbles of left-over yarn and floss. Most of us hate throwing anything way, but eventually we need something to do with it before our spouse (or family) throw us out. That's a personal dilemma for me anyway.
[hear the laughing in the background?]

So here's something to make with our little bits & pieces of left over yarn. And I'm all for using up every little bit. That's why I also needle felt pieces of wool. Even the bits I cut off of my projects. Anyway; the whole class enjoyed something "new" to do with our time and abundant skills. Here we are "perfecting our new found skill."

With the instructor; Jules Means.

And the class was full.



This is what I came up with below ...

Oh I must do more ... needle felt on some maybe?