Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When a major project if finished ...

I should wear it somewhere to celebrate. Let's see ... there's a birthday party to attend with a class on Hooking Rugs with Amy from Lincoln Farms.

What shall I wear?

Rowan Erika Poncho

Oh yah, my Erika Poncho, pattern from Rowan Classic Winter Solace using Rowan's Alpaca Cotton is DONE.

The party was a blast and hooking lessons was fun!

Cindy and Laura
Rhonda and Margie
Laura, Pat and Kitty
Margie, Nancy and Jill
Working on Signature
Rhonda having fun

I not only LOVE the Poncho ...

In my Rowan Erika Poncho

I just feel so D*m cute wearing it!


shortoldlady said...

Yes - you look GREAT in it! Wonderful finish - wear it in the best of health and happiness!

Anonymous said...

You look so d@mn cute in it! polly

Anonymous said...

Hell yes! You are fabulous, with poncho or without!(But especially with!)

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Thanks for making an old lady feel gReAt!

Jennifer said...

Great sweater and you look mahvelous in it!

throw said...

Lovely project well done up...I think all of you make a lovely team,.Ans good team work can do wonders.