Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas is around the corner ...

Believe it or not I've finished with the Christmas gift knitting, but I've been busy with knitting for myself as well of course and wrapping, mailing and giving out gifts in person. So until I get my completed knitting pictures are put together ... here's some pictures of one family gathering with some of the grandchildren two weekends ago.

JD wearing her sweater that Grammy knit.

And showing us their dance steps while dinner was cooking.

Fingerless gifts for most everybody this year while the youngest above got the sweater. Goodness, it barely fits! I knit for a size 8 yr old and she's only 5 1/2 yrs old. She wondered "Where's my mitts?" So of course I knit her a pair when I got home.

Three of the girls loved their mitts of course ...

So now it's a matter of waiting until Saint Nick is here.

But wait ... I also got a beautiful gift from my Georgia friend that I must show you.

Front and back ... just so cute and USEFUL!

And I love the card I received from family in Florida ...

Have a Merry Christmas, one and All!!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Don't Stop Now ...

Another Beanstalk Wristwarmers ...


and if you're not comfortable with DPN's and still want some fingerless mitts try this super easy pattern called  Irish Hiking Armwarmers ...


Hey I love knitting these so much I've already cast on for some more.


How many more can I get done before Christmas?

Friday, December 02, 2011

Warm Hands will give you a warm ...

heart and fingers. Really.

Honestly, unless it's way below zero when you have your hands covered in wool or alpaca the warmth will extend into your fingers. Even if they're not completely covered. Such as when you wear Fingerless Mitts, Wristwarmers, or Armwarmers  ... or whatever you might know them to be called. I for one; absolutely LOVE them! I wear them all through the Fall, Winter and Spring. And if it's cold inside they get slipped on rather than putting up the heat and burning the oil. Yup, warm hands will help to make me warm all over.

Completed more Chtistmas gifts ...


by Jo Bangles
from Jo-Bangles Ravelry Downloads

And more than one pair of Manly Fingerless Mitts. Two in the pattern:
Men's Fingerless Mitts by Kathy North from Piece by Piece and  Intercostal Mitts by Joseph Reinert from Zephyr's Patterns. One for a 13 year old grandson and the other two for college age grandsons. Now I need to make a pair for the DH. He has his eye on some blue yarn. Navy blue.
And then there are a few that I'm still working on ...



I'm trying to use up the left-over also  for wristwarmers ...


and there's still time to knit a few Owly Bookmarks ...


Waste not want not, right?