Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Has it been a week already? Two??

My how time flies when you're knitting up a storm or doing ... yard work!

Now that Summer is here if it isn't raining I'm mowing the lawn, edging, weeding, and trimming evergreens and hedges. It's never ending ...BUT, I do get some knitting in there. Even a little crochet!

So I finished a Red, White and Blue Garland for Seed Stitch's Fourth of July window display. I have it here in my living room before I took it down to Courtney.
They're crocheted and the details on Ravelry.

I also went to the baby shower and brought the gift I showed you last time. The Mom was delighted! Her reaction was well worth all the work put into it. But of course, us knitters love giving away our stuff anyway don't we? I know I do.

Her Mother-in-law told me that at this point the mother-to-be was trying to hold back the tears and said to her "Oh my, this is something really special."

This baby will probably get more knitty gifts from me I bet.

And then I finished the month up with another shawl ...


Once again you should be on Ravelry and that's where you'll find the knitting details.



I'm still not quite sure if I'll keep it or give it as a gift.


But there's plenty of time for me to decide.

And now that I see these pictures ... I see I really need a haircut!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Nautical Theme for a baby ...

Finished and ready for a baby shower. IMG_4870

I tried to use every bit of the yarn up that I could. Not my original plan but I just kept adding to it. So of course there has to be booties.

A hat of course.

And before you ask about the book ... well the guests invited to the shower had been asked to each bring a book since the Mom is a school teacher and believes in reading to children every day. (which I agree with) So we're starting her out with her baby's first books. Of course I looked for something about knitting!!

Yes, there's a sweater ...

With buttons that go with the nautical theme ...

You see, Mom & Dad don't want to know if their baby is a boy or girl until after he/she is born. So they're decorating in Navy blue and Pink whales since they live only a few streets from the ocean. I love pink whales!

Here's the blanket that started it all ...

No you're not seeing things either. There's a little more pink left over to make a toy ...

A pink whale!!

What a fun set it was to knit.

I used Cascade Ultra Pima for the yarn and all the details are on my Ravelry pages if you want to know what patterns I used.


Now I'm on to other things ...

Another shawl anyone??

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

And the magic has happened ...

my spaghetti knitting has turned into a Summit Summer Wrap.


Here are the pertinent details ...

: Summit Summer Wrap
: Summit by Mandie Harrington
: US 4 - 3.5 mm
: Lion Brand LB 1878
In my Stash: 2045.0 yards in stash on a Spool skein
How much used? 0.5 skeins = 1022.5 yards (935.0m)
: natural white
: Amazon.com
April 14 2011
May 31 2011
29” x 68”

No modifications were made except I did do 17 repeats of the right + left curves instead of 13 sets.



It was worth the long wait of a month and a half. Oh ya, it wasn't difficult but a lot of faithful daily knitting went into it. But from the moment I picked this up from the blocking board I was ...

"In Love".