Wednesday, June 01, 2011

And the magic has happened ...

my spaghetti knitting has turned into a Summit Summer Wrap.


Here are the pertinent details ...

: Summit Summer Wrap
: Summit by Mandie Harrington
: US 4 - 3.5 mm
: Lion Brand LB 1878
In my Stash: 2045.0 yards in stash on a Spool skein
How much used? 0.5 skeins = 1022.5 yards (935.0m)
: natural white
April 14 2011
May 31 2011
29” x 68”

No modifications were made except I did do 17 repeats of the right + left curves instead of 13 sets.



It was worth the long wait of a month and a half. Oh ya, it wasn't difficult but a lot of faithful daily knitting went into it. But from the moment I picked this up from the blocking board I was ...

"In Love".


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Now to finish another project!!

Yarn Miracle said...

Would you look at that?! That is so lovely and unusual and I never would have expected it from the spaghetti! Beautiful work.

shortoldlady said...

Absolutely stunning! Wear it in the best of health and happiness.

Susan said...

Blocking is always magic, but the difference is amazing. Looks fantastic.

Louise said...

You did it again....I keep following your lead after I see what you have done. I purchased the yarn for this at Tuesday Morning last year but have never made it. Now I have to push it further to the head of the line of my "plan to" list.
I love it.