Thursday, November 30, 2006

And the beat goes on ...

Christmas knitting under pressure and I'm getting results. Just 5 more to go? Here's two more fingerless mitts. Pink for Mom and Red/Brown Heather for Dad. It's not your imagination, the cuffs on my Mom's are longer.

So it's off to the Eucalan bath they go ...

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Count Down is On...

Two more wrist warmers done and
only 7 more pair to go. I just MIGHT get done in time but some have to go in the mail & the others have to be done for a family party the week BEFORE Christmas. Time is getting short!

And in between the knitting ... I'm learning to needle felt!
My first two projects:

Gotta have some fun too, huh?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Killing you with more cuteness!

Before I left for New Hampshire to see the grandchildren and have Thanksgiving dinner, I finished a pair of mittens. They'll go over a pair of fingerless mitts ... green ... and I have only 2 more pair to go. They're for the 3 middle granddaughters for Christmas.

I have a lot more to do, so I'm going to leave you now to go back to my knitting and in the mean time here's a lot of cuteness from Thanksgiving Day for you viewing pleasure ... hope you all had as nice of day as I did!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Warm hands to warm my heart ...

These are not mittens but "fingerless gloves or mitts" or also known as "wrist warmers" ... they are quick and very popular with friends & family on my guest list this year. At least with me they are. Every time some one sees me knitting one they say, "Gee, I hope I'm getting a pair of those also." Well I try not to disappoint them ... so I'm working on these two styles ...

Here are six more completed pair. Well the grey heathered set in the front isn't done in the picture, but believe me, this weekend they were completed also. I now have about nine (9) more pair to go.

Yup, I can get one hand completed if I work on it in the morning for about 1 hour and on the train for 45 minutes, 30 minutes during lunch, and again for a 45 minute ride home on the train and then with the last 5 rows up to the finish while watching TV. So that nine pair will take another 18 days, right? Well maybe less or maybe a little more. Depending on the rest of my life getting in the way right?

So for your enjoyment, here's some close up pictures of what the mitts look like ... oh BTW, the cable ones are from called Fetching.

The other style is from Favorite Mittens: Best Traditional Patterns. I love this one for it's simplicity, good looks and easy knit. Perfect for the guys in your life too. Use the right yarn and either mittens OR gloves will fit right over it also. And the best part is that there's no right or left glove. They go on either hand. These are GREAT fingerless mitts.

Oh ya, I do have a pair of mittens to knit for November ... on the needles right now. For one of my granddaughters. Well I plan to knit three pair of mittens for granddaughters. I better start those soon ... November is almost over.

Thanksgiving will be up in New Hampshire this year. So that day will be knit free. (Can you BELiEVE that?) But I do have a few days off from work also and I'm NOt going out shopping if I can help it.

I'll be home knitting.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stitching for the family ...

No time to write ... lot's of Christmas knitting to be done!

Here are some baby socks I knit from left over yarn after knitting a pair of sock for myself. Too small for Jayden tho, so I'm putting them aside for a baby gift. A neighbor of ours is having her first. It's a boy and these would be great for a boy.

Here's the red sweater I've been knitting for Jayden for Christmas for the past week. Got it done before I went up to see the kids on Saturday.

I love little girls. Well, I love knitting & dressing the girls. The boys are interesting in other ways but even they like my knitting. There's just fewer of them, hehe.

I have lot's of beautiful little girls in my life. Love them all. And here's Jayden in her new hat crocheted by Grammy. That's her big sister, Brandi holding her. I think the Munchkin is the cutest little girl I've ever seen. I'm sure you would agree, LOL.

And I don't want to forget her brother Cody and sister Samantha.

Well back to my knitting ...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitter`s Love to Knit for Others ...

And give from their hearts!

Are you looking for a reason to knit? Or do you like to knit small fast projects for instant gratification? But those small projects are piling up and you need someone to give 'em to? How about a hat? How about hats for chemo patients? Alpaca, Wool, Cotton and even Acrylic yarns (cotton & acrylic are good for indoor hats or a person allergic to animal fiber) are appreciated. The Seed Stitch Fine Yarn store in Salem, MA is collecting thru the month of November up to December 20, 2006, hand knitted or crocheted hats for Cancer Treatment Centers. They'll be displaying them on the hat trees in their store windows until it's time to deliver them for donation.

If you can't bring one in, but would like to donate your knitted or crocheted hat(s), mail to:

Seed Stitch Fine Yarn
10 Front Street
Salem, MA 01970

And watch the trees in the store's window grow Hats ...

Hey, even stop by the store and shop for a knitter this holiday! Or put in your wish list at the store for the person(s) shopping for YOU! I'm going right for the "gold" and asking for a gift certificate. Yahee.

Here's some of what Seed Stitch has to offer ...

And see that bag ... I so want that bag ... sooooo bad!

I love this place! But then I love to shop and I love to KNIT!

And the Seed Stitch is perfect for meeting new knitty people and just sitting and knitting or crocheting while taking a break from shopping . Need advise on crochet too don't ya?

Find it all here ...

It's a new store but it's becoming a community. One that I love being a part of. Can you tell?

Just one more thing ... I won't be posting again until next week. Friday I'm off from work so I'm planning to go up and see some of the grandchildren for the weekend.

Of course I'm taking my camera AND my knitting with me ... hope to get a lot done on the road but I won't be back to a computer for awhile. So until then ...

Not that I need any more sock yarn, but my Socks That Rock Club from Blue Moon came in last week and I can finally give you a peek ...

Rock on!

I got word that Henry the Navigator made it safely to Brookline, MA to Stash Monkey's house. And after all the walking Henry had to do around Salem, I think he had the best time with Rachel. He had wine! Now why didn't I think of that? Hehe, hope you had one for me!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Henry the Navigator Tours Salem ...

Note: Contest link posted below ...

Henry the Navigator arrived at the seaport of Salem, Massachusetts on the day of our Lord, November 1, 2006. Stopping first at the Custom House to declare his cargo for Rhonda the Stitchingnut.

Once the goods were delivered and inspected, (see previous post) Rhonda took Henry off to see the sights of Salem. Of course he saw the Salem Harbor again and viewed the Friendship of Salem docked in the harbor. The sails aren't up but it's still a glorious sight to see a ship similar to what Henry might have sailed on.

And before we leave Pickering Wharf where the Friendship resides, we must past the shop of the most famous Official Witch of Salem, Laurie Cabot. There are two of her shops in town with each being run by one of her two daughters now. No time to stop in today!

Then it's up the street to stop by and see The New England Pirate Museum. Did you know that pirates were known to travel these waters? And Boston's North Shore was known as the Gold Coast? A young lady who was curious to stopped me with a question, "What is that box in your hands and WHY are you taking pictures of it?" Once I told her a quick story of Yarn Aboard she even offered to take my picture holding it (oh goodness I was in no shape to have my picture taken, lol) ... but I convinced her that I just needed Henry in the picture with the background around him. She was cute about wanting to help me, so here she is holding Henry up. Her husband stood by with thier son in a stroller watching. He must have thought I was nuts ... but he didn't stop his wife from helping me out.

So off I go to show Henry what Salem has REALLY become famous for ...

Witches and to see our Salem Witch Museum and learn about the real story of the 19 witches hung or crushed in Salem and why. Were they really witches? Find out here. In front of the building that looks like an old castle is also the statue of the founder of Salem, Roger Conant. Strangely enough, he looks like a witch!

From there we walk up thru the Essex Street Walking Mall with lots of shops, sites, and attractions contributed to witch craft and dressing for Halloween and gifts. I always love looking in the the window of Samantha's Costume Shop.

My favorite witchcraft shop is The Broom Closet. That's right, I have a favorite witchcraft shop. Doesn't everyone? I get my Sage bundles, magic potions, polished stones and crystals here.

We pass the Witch History Museum also. Another tourist trap? I can't really say, because this one I haven't visited yet. But I might bring a grandchild there sometime. It could be interesting.

Then we end out tour for today with the conserversal statue of Samantha the Witch. I reserve my judgement about her presents here, but thought Henry might like to meet her before going over to my favorite Yarn Shop ...

The Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and
we sit a spell to knit before Henry sails out of port ...

See the contest at Alisha's ... she's giving cute prizes!