Thursday, November 02, 2006

Henry the Navigator has landed!

With Yarn Aboard, Henry the Navigator sailed into Salem Harbor from Seattle Washington. Sent out from the home of Kerrie from My Island He tried to make it for our Halloween celebration in Salem, Massachusetts, but didn't show up until the day after.

Well it's just as well. He would have be crushed in the on-slot of revilers celebrating our yearly Halloween party on the streets of Salem. Over 100,000 people was estimated to be there and the DH & I were two of them (I only wore a cape so you could have recognized me). The next morning I was so happy to greet Henry at the door! He couldn't have picked a better time to arrive with the temps being in the high 6o's (68 in fact) and the sun shining brightly and the fact that I was home on a vacation day and could spend some time with him. After looking over his cargo with happiness and glee, I knew I could take him out for a walk around town and safely show him the famous Salem, Massachusetts.

What have we here? First of all, some handpainted "Katsara Luxury Yarn". Just look at these luscious colors. They reminded Kerrie of the West Coast and I'm impressed with the beauty of the colors too. Do you notice even the touch of Raspberry in there? Yummy. (you might also notice my funny green fingernail polish as well.) It feels nice to the touch and this is the first I've heard of this beautiful yarn. So I'm looking forward to knitting up some socks.

Other objects that arrived with the shipment were stickers, yummy local Seattle chocolate bars, adventurous Seattle Blend tea (adventurous perhaps because it's tea & not the famous Seattle coffee, huh? Kerrie knows I like both!), a crushed penny from the Seattle Center (whoa, a good luck charm - I can always use one of those.) All wonderful fun and I can't wait to try (EAT) the chocolate. (I stashed them away from the Halloween candy so the DH doesn't even remember I have 'em.) And of course there was a lovely postcard from Seattle. Oh and I can't forget one of my favorite things ... a mini inkstamp pad & stamp of (guess what ...) .... go ahead and guess ...

a stocking stamp!

Thanks again, Kerrie!!

Tomorrow I'll show you around Salem with Henry. I think he enjoyed himself. I know I did. Altho, the DH backed out of going out with us. (He must have mumbled something about embarrassment ... Or did he just say he had to rake leaves?)

And then Henry is off to his next destination.


Dipsy D. said...

Awww, what a goodie package you received! I so love the yarn, these colors are just divine! And who could resist the chocolate? Enjoy!

amanda said...

Pretty yarn! All the goodies look great and I must say you outdid yourself as tour guide! Looks like Henry had a blast!

Big Sis said...

I'm so happy you liked the goodies! I'm excited to see how the Sundara yarn knits up, too, so I'll be keeping an eye out to find out what you create with it!