Friday, November 24, 2006

Killing you with more cuteness!

Before I left for New Hampshire to see the grandchildren and have Thanksgiving dinner, I finished a pair of mittens. They'll go over a pair of fingerless mitts ... green ... and I have only 2 more pair to go. They're for the 3 middle granddaughters for Christmas.

I have a lot more to do, so I'm going to leave you now to go back to my knitting and in the mean time here's a lot of cuteness from Thanksgiving Day for you viewing pleasure ... hope you all had as nice of day as I did!


Anny said...

Happy late Thankgiving, Rhonda! Looks like you have lots to be grateful for...the little ones are all so precious!

And OMG lady, you are wristwarming knitting machine!!!

Cheers ;0)

Shelley said...

There is just so much cuteness on this post!! Happy knitting!

aija said...

Baby's pants and diaper bump are tooo cute! :)