Friday, March 05, 2010

The New Scarf ...

I've finished up two more Neck warmers ... otherwise known as Cowls aren't they? Well I've always thought of them to be one and the same. I love scarfs and have knit plenty for myself and gave away many as gifts too. But it's funny that I haven't seen any of the recipients wear 'em. Didn't you like your scarf? I knit it just for you. Maybe it was the color choice. Or maybe you just don't like to wear scarves? Please don't tell me you lost it the first time you even wore it.

Well this year is the year of the Cowls. The Neckwarmers. The NEW Scarf ....

Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals

So I just finished two more to throw into the 2010 Christmas Basket

Corseted Necklet by Sandi Wiseheart

Corseted Necklet by Sandi Wiseheart

Instead of wrapping everything ... I'm going to let each person who WANTs a knit item to pick out the one of their choice. And to make it fair, I'll have everyone draw a number to see who picks first and who goes next, etc. But of course, if there's only one or two recipients who even want a home knit gift this year ... well all the more for ones who do want them right? Do my grandchildren, daughter, step-daughters or sister-in-laws even want one?

Any suggestions on how to figure that one out??

Cabled Scarf become a Cowl

Sad but maybe it's a case where the kids are tired of my knits. Sigh. Or should I get them one of Mason Dixon's new books. You know the one right?

But what am I going to do with all my knitting?

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