Monday, March 15, 2010

First Annual North Shore Yarn Crawl ...

In spite of the drowning rain that lasted the WHOLE weekend here in New England, we had a GREAT time on the first annual North Shore Yarn Crawl. I went with a group of six ... the "Knittin' Kittens.". The girls who weren't able to go sure missed out on a great time and we missed ya, Kittens. But ...

Here's the highlights.

First we all meet and picked up coffee and goodies from Perfecto's in Peabody and then headed over to Sit 'n Knit in Melrose, MA. Remember it was raining out and if it was raining too hard I didn't take an outside picture of the store (and forgot about the inside, but the store was filled with knitters and I was enthralled with the hunt for yarn.) ... so

here's a picture of the stash I walked away with.

The bag contains two skeins of Manos and the plan is to use it in a hook rug pillow I'm designing. Learned how to do it at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn recently remember ...

And this wonderfully soft ball of yarn was a gift for purchasing over $25. Came with a cowl pattern which I cast-on when I got home (needed something to knit while on the road the 2nd day right? ... well, of course.) And I loved this yarn too!

Then on to Butterfly Yarns in Wakefield. BTW, I'd go back to both of these places again when I have the opportunity. Very nice yarn & people here and well worth the trip.

Small but very nicely organized and displayed.

Just look at the goodies I got; two each of Crystal Palace's worsted Mini Mochi and Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash Paints. Both with a project in mind. Mini Mochi to make this fair isle hat from Crystal Palace and the Cascade for a scarf project in their new book: 60 Quick Knits

I bought the book when the yarn crawl started on Thursday from Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and then went on the crawl with a "List". The trouble is though, I want to make everything in the book. As you know, I start early on Christmas gifts and this book is FILLED with styles and patterns that I just LOVE to knit.

And take a look at the little sticky note pad holder I got as a gift at Butterfly Yarns. Too cute!

Then off to ... Abbott Yarn Shoppe in Beverly.
Can you feel how cold & wet that it was?

Well here was a busy shop with very helpful people inside. I came out with

more Cascades only this time Cascade 220 Heathers ... for Christmas gifts you know.

And then it was time for a quick lunch at McDonald's. A girl's gotta eat ya right?

Smile ladies!
Then it's off to Cranberry Fiber Arts in South Hamilton.
It was pouring out once again so I only got pictures inside. This was a THREE room shop. The biggest place so far. Lot's and lot's of yarns and samples.
Of course I walked away with more stash ...
Did you think I wouldn't? Sure you didn't. More Mochi Plus is brighter colors and two Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca and Cascade 220 Superwash Paints. For Christmas gifts right, for Christmas gifts.

Then we arrived at the Village Stitchery in Topsfield.Checked every corner for more ...
Cascade 200 Superwash Paints. For a scarf ... really.

Okay it's about time we had a coffee break!

And then we're off to ....

Loom 'N Shuttle in Ipswich. One of the smallest yarn inventories we saw but do you think I found something I wanted? Of course I did ... one of the most unusual scarf patterns: Bubbles and lovely yarn called Ella rae Palermo. This one might be for the StitchingNut!

And then the last shop of the day. The day mind you. We'll be back out tomorrow, but first we stop at ...

Yarns in the Farms in Beverly.

Are you warm & dry, Cindy?

This is one of the smallest shops but packed to the rafters with yarn and samples and friendly people...

Did you notice all those happy faces? Who would have thought a yarn crawl was all it would take to make so many people happy?

And of course I couldn't leave without buying yarn again.

Now if only I could remember what I wanted to make with it. But it's Noro Silk and it's luscious!

So now it's dinner time so we stop at Family Fare Restaurant in Peabody to eat and make plans for our second day on the yarn crawl.
(Did you think I'd stay out of ALL of the pictures?)

I think I'll cast-on a neckwarmer and get back to you tomorrow.

Of course there's another day of shopping ahead of us and I've got to be ready.

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