Monday, June 09, 2008

I would wilt in this heat too ...

I took pictures of my beautiful Peonies before the heat wave hit us and it's a good thing I did. They looked pretty sad under the heavy weight of the humid hot air we're getting when I was leaving for work this morning.

my Peonies

my Peonies

And the fragrance was divine ... my Peonies

Of course the hugh Lamb's Ears plantings by my walk don't mine the heat. I love to reach down and pet their leaves. If you don't know this plant, find it. It doesn't have flowers but it gives interest to the garden and when planted near a border it's a "pick me up" to your senses when you "feel" the leaves.

Lamb's Ear

Can't think of anything better to do when I'm not knitting, like playing in my garden. Unless ...

I have money to go shopping!!

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