Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer classes for other than knitting?

p.s. There's a contest at Through the Loops!
Hope I win! But I'll be a sport and wish you luck also. Go ahead and enter!

Speaking of contests ... I think I'm going to have one. I'll let you know what it is end of June. My vacation is first week of July and we're staying at home. Making home our Vacation Destination! So I'll have a contest ... but it'll have nothing to do with vacations, LOL.

Apple Coasters The next class I'll be teaching at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn, 21 Front Street, Salem, MA was just posted in their newsletter ... it's crochet [altho, not these little coasters].

Beginning Crochet -
In this 3-part class you will learn the single, half, double, and triple crochet while "hooking" a wave scarf. Crocheting is growing in popularity, and has become a complimentary embellishment for knitting. A fabulous skill to add to your repertoire!Crocheted Wave Scarf
Sunday afternoons, July 13th, 20th, & 27th, 1-3pm/$55
with Rhonda Culbert

And don't forget:
Hand Spinning and Dyeing with Marie Carney -How lucky were we to have a visit from Marie herself on Memorial Day weekend? Very Lucky!! Marie is a masterful spinner and professional dyer, as well as being the owner of Brooklyn Handspun. She will be returning July 12th 13th for a weekend of fun,fiber, and stirring up the pot with color. Saturday's workshop will consist of drop spindle and wheel spinning techniques followed by Sunday's workshop on both domestic and acid dyeing. Brooklyn Handspun10:00-3:00 pm both days/$65 each day/$125 for both

Hey, look what I found while putting away Winter items ...
Fun Fur scarf from long ago

A Fun Fur scarf I knit 5 years ago!

Scary isn't it?!
[hey ... what do you mean; WHEN do I clean house?]

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