Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have you made your Summer goals list yet?

Skeins Her Way is having her Summer knitting goal's list contest! Sweet William

So my list consist of: *[undated] {I forget a couple WIPs}

1. Knit at least 7 pairs of socks for the Summers of Socks 2008 KAL. One of those being a Christmas gift for my DD.

2. Complete the Hats I have planned as gifts for the grandchildren. I have one done so far and Tassled Earflap Hat #1 I only have five more to do. Yarn is just sitting there waiting.

3. Knit a sweater for the youngest granddaughter for Christmas along with the hat & slippers I've planned. [slippers are planned for the Fall not the Summer knitting] I think I'd like to make the sweater I saw in the latest Creative Knitting magazine. In pink!

4. Complete the Mystic Meadows stole I'm knitting [see picture below]

5. Knit a pair of earrings after each pair of socks I knit. [they only take 1 1/2 hours to do ya know]

6. And last but not least ... crochet at least 10 octagons each week for the bedspread.

*7. Finish the "All Ruffled Up" for Mom. It's her Christmas gift this year.

*8. Can I manage at least a few rows knitted to the Einstein Coat and the Modern Quilt Wrap?
[maybe not so much]


That might be all that I can handle in one Summer, you think?

Yellow Yarrow

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