Monday, June 02, 2008

What's up with my knitting ...

Did it win over the time slot in my weekend; over housework or gardening? Did I ignore everything else and just knit? Or did I fit it in between the two? Or did I give in to my "knitting goddess" and dedicated my whole weekend to what I enjoy most ... knitting of course.

Well I did accomplish knitting the little swatch for Knit and Knag's Mystic Meadows KAL. And I set that little piece in different poises to get the proper color photographed. Not bad results!

Mystic Meadow Swatch
So many possess ... PDRM3972_edited
for such a small piece, huh?

~~~ Notes to Sammie in GA and Sara in NH:

Hey Sammie ... here's a tutorial you would like. Just check out the link here!

And Sara ... check out these cute guys! ~~~

I did plant my garden ... and enjoyed the Buggle Weed and
Buggle Weed in bloom
the Columbine ... before they fade away for the Summer.
But nothing to show you there besides dirt and poles and ... well you know.

But I also did my housework ... well the living room anyways.
Considering I have such a clutter going on there. But it's ME!

Oh by the way, there's a book reading and signing down at Seed Stitch tonight. [June 2 - Ann Hood - Author of "Comfort" Book Signing. Join us if you can - it's free!]

Well there was one other piece I was knitting on ... BUT [there's that word again] I'm waiting until I finish before I show you what it is. It's going into Seed Stitch Fine Yarn.
This piece I'm working on is to be put on display at Seed Stitch ... so I'll wait to see if I goof up badly just because I'm under pressure to "get it done!" ...

Murphy might be sitting on my shoulder. You know Murphy?

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