Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I can't say I just knit this weekend ...
because we went to visit the Muchikin Gang in NH for Father's Day.
No time for knitting there.

Of course little JD is the leader of the gang ...

Mersadese, Jayden, Ashlee

Jay and Ash

Jay and Boo

Samantha and Jayden

Catelyn and Jayden


and she even has that goofy Grammy under her spell ...

Jay and goofy Grammy

Heidi and Jayden But it was Mumma Mumma or

Ganpa, Ganpa ...
Hey Ganpa look at this ... was constantly being announced.

And even tho this plaque was on the wall as you walk in ...

Spoiled Children?

Nor can you spank Grandpa either!

And Father's Day was topped off with the sweetest card from this little Muchikin Follower here ... Mersadese. Mersadese

Her card to Grandpa Bill said ...

to: Grammpa
from: Mersadese

"What a kind grammpa Bill I have.
My hourt would be broken if I did not have you in my life.
Your the nicest grammpa Bill in the world.
To tell you the truth your the best one yet so I love you so much.
You make me laufh so much that you are the Love of my life."

Love, Mersadese

Mersadese Wow, what a coincidence!
That's why I fell in love with him, Mersadese.

He makes me laugh! Grandpa Bill

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