Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reviewed by the StitchingNut

NONI FLOWERS by Nora J. Bellows

This book contains patterns for 40 exquisite knitted flowers and 6 beautiful projects. Not just knitted stylised flowers but more detailed and realistic flowers that happen to be knitted. Yes, most of them are “felted” but if that intimidates you it’s not always necessary to felt them. If you want to leave then “just knitted” you can. Although, I think felting makes them look even more realistic.

I have yet to sit down and knit any of the flowers but I have flipped through the pages many many times over; scrutinizing and planning which one to start with first while gathering some materials together. Just looking at the beautiful photos has been a treat. Wonderful details keep me coming back and engaging my imagination.

The book is broken down into a very nice workable order. You learn and understand gauge in a new way and it contains lots of descriptions and pictures of the special techniques as well as the supplies needed to create these beautiful flowers. Fantastic! But she doesn’t just end there with just the flower patterns and gorgeous pictures. Oh how I love those pictures. But the last third of the book also covers some really beautiful projects to apply those flowers to. Different type of flowers with a variety of different yarns and project styles both for the home or to wear. My grand daughters would love the May Violets Fingerless Gloves and I'm dying to wear the Gossamer Fuchsia Wrap. Yet I want that Forget-Me-Not Pillow adorning my couch by the next change of seasons.

The most difficult part of this book? Well it’s deciding which project or flower to make first.

Do yourself a favor ...

Flip a coin.

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