Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting for peace of mind ...

Unless I'm trying to meet a deadline, the rhythm of knitting stitch after stitch is so soothing and peaceful. It's like a quiet song for the soul I think. And I needed that feeling this past week. The Zipped Vest for DH was actually the perfect knit for this reason too ... even if the deadline of Valentine's Day wasn't met. It was only a deadline I had set for myself anyway. My sweet DH said "I didn't expect it would done until next year anyhow." Well it held my interest and desire to knit. It was for someone else ... and not myself.

And this was the time to knit for someone else.

Do you see that little pile of yarn on the chair next to the scissors? Why do you suppose I put that there for the world to see?

Because it's absolutely all that's left of the yarn I had for this vest!

I had bought it on sale and could get no more either. Did I panic? Did I fret? Well maybe a little bit, but I was determined that I would have enough and just pieced together left little bits and pieces on the bind-off row. Just so I could do the bind off mind you. And what you see is all that was left once I weaved in all the ends. Whew! Don't sweat the small stuff ...

So it's on the blocking board right now. Once it had it's try-on by DH. M-m-m-m, looked good on him so far. A little blocking will defiantly help the curling from happening tho. But the color looks good on him and the length is just right ... the arms and shoulders too. He loves the collar and the texture of the stitch.

Yah, isn't that funny? He likes the texture and feel of the knit.

I love that guy!!

From my Valentine

p.s. In case you wondered ... Yes, I crocheted that doily about 10 years ago when crocheting was my obsession.

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