Saturday, February 02, 2008

B = Bag

The Ultimate Knitting Bag! And I think I've found it ...
a Jordana Paige.

Love my bag by Jordana Paige

Yup, this is part of my ABC's Along. B is for Bag. I could have gone with the obvious ... Books. B = Books (also)
This is only one bookcase ...
In fact, I was going to reorganize my bookcases when I took pictures of the big pile I had, but Sara took care of both Books and Bookcases in a big way last week. I have a LOT of knitting books but I don't have the wall to wall books [all kinds] that Sara does. Whoa! And I'm obviously envious of her book accumulation, LOL.

But just yesterday I used this wonderful bag I bought from Jimmy Beans Wool. I've been looking for a way of cutting down from 2 bags to 1 [not counting my lunch bag] for my commute to and from work. Guess I'm sick of being known as the "bag lady" of Salem. But I needed something that holds what I need in my handbag and also my knitting and a book or two. This is it! Here are pictures to show you it in all it's glory ...
Inside my Jordana Paige Bag
Have Sock Knitting will travel
Inside flap carries what I would normally carry in a Handbag
And I can even nicely add a book in there ...
I can even fit in a book or two
And take a good look at the fabric covering the outside flap. It looks like Woven YARN! How cool is that?
The Ultimate BAG
And B could have been for Boxes.
B = Boxes (also)

What do you suppose could be in all those boxes?
[And I'm not even mentioning the ones under bed and in the closet.]

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