Monday, February 25, 2008

About the Weekend Knitting ...

First my grand FO ... the knit that even the DH loves ... Finished Object with capital letters!

The Zipped Vest by Veronik Avery
from Knitting Classic Style: 35 Modern Designs Inspired by Fashion's Archives
Size 5, 34" circular needles, worked back and forth.

The body was suppose to be a moss stitch, but I did it in seed stitch. I started out wrong and just stuck with it. It Still came out great. And what counts is that the DH loves it and it fits perfectly. I loved knitting it too, so there will be another one in his future. Can you believe I've already ordered the yarn from K-pixie? It's the same yarn, Cleckheaton but this time in grey. And I'll do the moss stitch this time also. By the way, the top picture in the moss stitch link is called the British moss stitch and that's what I did ... but we know it as the Seed stitch. So here it is ...

the Zipped Vest for my sweet DH ...

Handknit Vest for my DH

Zipped Vest for DH

His favorite part is the collar ... PDRM3223_edited
PDRM3221_edited To keep his poor neck warm on those really cold days. PDRM3217_edited

You might remember the story about how I ran out of yarn for this vest. Well I've finished my February TV socks, BUT not without a few problems. Or rather, one major one ... I ran out of yarn AGAIN. I couldn't believe it. I've never had this happen with socks before. ran out of yarn That little tiny piece you see in my hand is all that's left. And I still needed at least two more decrease rows and enough yarn to do the Kitchener stitch for grafting the toe. And NO WAY would I buy another skein for this. No $26.00 for just the toe, mind you. So it was time to take a break, get Barefoot ... and make dinner while I think about this. [BTW, my DH brought home the Barefoot because I was whining over the phone to him about my yarn shortage for the socks.] just going Barefoot

Going Barefoot with Dinner Barefoot over dinner can only help with my thinking on a knitting problem right? Even if it was a "pain" to do. remove a few rows from the cuff cast off on the new cuff

I took 1/2 inch out of each cuff and cast off. Then joined the two "scraps" to the toe to finished my sock. doing the fix to the cuffs to get more yarn

February TV socks

I hope this running out of yarn doesn't turn into a bad habit!

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