Sunday, October 16, 2011

I haven't deserted you Blogger, honestly!

I've just been very busy working on my Christmas knitting, as well as a donation and completing something for myself that I had started ... like a year ago already.

Yup, this hat is for me. It was on the needles for a year (maybe longer), lanquishing away ... but now it's done and I'm so happy I finally got back to it and finishing it before it was totally forgotten. But that's one of the great things about Ravelry ... it doesn't really let me totally forget what I've started. It wasn't a difficult knit either ... it's just that other things distracted me from finishing it.

But this next hat (also from Twisted Woolly Toppers by Woolly Wormhead) only took me a couple of days. It's to be donated as a Cemo Hat for a friend's daughter. I knit faster when it's for someone else I think.

Then of course there's all the fingerless gloves and mittens that I'm still working on. The Christmas gifts!

The one without the picots is for a grandson and the other will be in various color combinations for the grand daughters. Also more of these to have their pictures taken or to come off the needles. Like these Flip Top Mitts I just finished today ...

Heaven knows that Christmas is just around the corner. And there's just too many to knit for. I think I should have taken a poll on who would like to be taken OFF my knitting list. Mmmmm?

But we all know ...

I have a problem!!

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shortoldlady said...

Those are cute hats! I'm doing Hats for Sailors - think they would make nice additions to the pattern library. Thanks for showing how nice they are in person. AND you don't have a problem if you admit it - then it's just a cute personality quirk!!