Monday, July 03, 2006

A Visit with the Grandchildren is always the best ...

Medicine for the heart and soul. A quick touch of life with another reality to it. The life of raising kids. I just love receiving the real love they give to me. The happiest they show when I arrive.

"Grammy, Rhonda; Grammy Rhonda! Grammy are you staying over?
Yayyyeee, Grammy's here and she's sleeping over this time!! " "We love you Grammy."

Gee, is it ever wonderful to be loved AND to be loved by these little munchkins. The girls showed me that they even still have the dolls I gave them for Christmas. "I sleep with mine," says Ashlee. "We play with them all the time." they all say. And off they all go to show me ... of course they had to get them dressed first. I had made them all clothes and I said, "Well since you all have them then they would all love a new outfit for Christmas right?" Well I think the cheers meant, Yes.

And their Mom even showed me how little Samantha has taken to doing some sewing now. Made this litte change purse for her for Mother's Days ... sewed by hand ... is it so cute?
I love when kids do that!

Speaking of cute, here's Jayden. The little munchkin I'm knitting the Pinwheel Sweater for...

And with my Daughter, her new Mommy. She is such a happy baby.

I did do a little knitting while we visited ... I finished the sleeves on the sweater. Since the border wasn't done yet, I could only take a picture of it laying next to her. It's going to be so cute on her when it's done. Don't you think?


aija said...

That sweater will be perfect! Such sweet pics of all the kids :)

Happy holiday time with the family!

Deb said...

How lucky you are with such pretty (and loving) grandbabies! I started so late (had my daughter when I was 40)I probably won't get grandkids until oh- maybe 75!!!!!

Anny said...

How precious, all of them! You must feel so blessed ;0) I can't beleive how quickly your pinwheel came together too. Can't wait to see it on Jayden. She does indeed look very happy and sweet.