Thursday, July 27, 2006

Help with Tropicana Socks updated....

The short row heel on the Tropicana Sock has got me stumped! Okay, maybe I haven't put enough effort into reading & understanding the directions yet ... but dam, it's too hot to muddle thru without some help and advice from the more experienced knitters out there. So is there anyone out that that can help explain these directions too me?

Directions are written as ...
Heel (short row heel over 28 sts):

K the 28 sts on needle 1. Turn, make a *srpo as described [below]. Put srpo onto spare needle. P 27. Turn, make a srpo as described above. Put srpo onto spare needle. *K to the end of row, turn, make a srpo, put srpo onto spare needle, p to the end of row, turn, make a srpo, put srpo onto spare needle.* Repeat until 9 sts are left on main needle, work one round over all sts (55). K across sts on main needle, k1 from spare needle,*turn, srpo, p across main needle, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo,* k sts of main needle including srpo st (double st worked as one), k1 from spare needle*, turn, srpo, p across main needle, p srpo double st as one, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo,*. Repeat * to * until all sts from spare needles have been worked. You should now have as many stitches as you cast on (55).

*srpo = sl st to right hand needle with yarn in front, then pull yarn over the needle – st looks now as if there are two sts, you are not making a yarn over, you just pull it to the back! = srpo double stitch. This double stitch is always knit/purled together as one st. Do not make increases!

One question is: After 9 sts are left on the main needle it says to work one round over all sts (55) ... huh? Is this a mistake? My 2nd question: Directions say K across sts on main needle, k1 from spare needle ... so is that one whole srpo [double stitch]? Or just one strand of this srpo? Or was there suppose to be a unworked knit stitch in there? ... *turn, srpo, p across main needle, p one from spare needle, turn, srpo, ... I did a few rows this way, but it sure doesn't look right!

I'm hoping that someone will explain it to my bumbling brain!

Note: A member of our M.I.T. Stitch & Bitch group suggested I try the blue blog pattern short row tutorial. Which I did over the weekend & will show you the results in the next post.

To change the subject:

I have a link to direct you all to. Something that I think might interest you ... A Yarnival with Needle Exchange. Eve is collecting together links [monthly] pointing to blog articles on a particular topic that we may find to be interesting. It's a way to highlight little known but interesting blogs on subjects that are interesting to others and otherwise may have not been seen unless you were searching for that particular subject. Hey, I'm including a button to my blog for future "quick jumps" to see what's posted there. It'll be on my sidebar. Good luck with this new endeavor, Eve!

And BTW anyone can submit to this! The submission deadline for the first issue of Yarnival will be August 4th and the issue will be published on August 11th ...
Check it out! yarnival

Summer knitting is ... HOT!


Dipsy said...

I'm sorry, but I won't be of much help with the short row heel-thing as I usually don't follow these directions at all but do my own heels - but this thing with the 55 stitches is definitely a mistake, she sure meant work one row over the st you have on the needle - though it's not necessary at all to do so... I'm sure other, more experienced short row heel knitters, will be able to help you in no time though :)
Thanks for the link to the Yarnival with Needle Exchange, this sounds very interesting indeed!

Eve said...

Thanks for the plug!

Rhonda said...

Thanks, Dipsy ... I think you're right. I've also gotten some advice from the M.I.T. S&B group on Thursday (2 members were there). I'll update once I try it out and get back to you all with a picture... that is, if I just don't frog it all & then do what I'm familar with -- heel flap & turn.