Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm in the mood for Spring!

And I'm taking a short break from my knitting by crocheting.


Just took me eight hours to come up with some splashes of color for Spring using Saucy Sport Cotton by Reynolds. You can use any brand of mercerized cotton for this though. Saucy is what I had on hand.






Just a little something for Courtney down at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn to put up and help conjure up some magic in order to bring in the Spring season a little faster. After all, nothing says Spring like a bunch of color right? Since most of us are now sick of snow and this is the Witch City, I felt I needed to pull out a little spell from my bag of yarn tricks. (Oh ... I think I might have outed myself as to possibly being a Salem Witch.)

Do you think it will work??


Anonymous said...

Oh, how nice and colorful! The purple leafy-motif looks pretty cool. I could totally imagine some of these motifs as part of a blanket...

Kristi said...

Oh Rhonda I love em! Their inspiring me and making me wish I had some materials to make some of own! So pretty!!! Goodness your fast... It would probably take me 8 hours to make one or two of those! I can only aspire to your greatness!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Thanks Yulian & Kristi. Over forty years of crocheting has put me in the "speed crochet" category. Never mind the obsessive crochet/knitter that I am, LOL.