Saturday, November 05, 2011

Manly sized handwarmers completed.

Another Christmas gift finished and others are clicking away on the needles hopefully to be completed in time ... the Manly Handwarmers pattern from Hugs for Your Head

They are even large on my sweet husband but they were made for a son in law with very large hands. My DH kind of hinted that he'd like a pair also but I know he has a pair somewhere in his drawers. I'll have to look for 'em. Men can't seem to find anything right in front of their noses. But I love this pattern so much I think I'll make them also for my other son in law but with a regular knit2, purl 1 ribbing in either black or gray. And yes, I'll get around to making a pair the DH. Navy blue maybe.

Ya, navy blue for the ole sailor!

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