Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sweaters for your Guy that he would really like!

But you might want to wear them too.

Boyfriend Sweaters by Bruce Weinstein. 19 Designs for him that you'll want to wear. Plus 19 techniques that help you knit almost anything.

This Random House knitting book is going on sale at Potter Craft December 18, 2012 and it's a great one to have in your own personal library. Check it out!

What I like about these sweaters are the good simple basic classic styles to most of them. Which I think is what men mostly like. No fussiness or wild style or colors for most of them. At least it's that way with my guy. He likes to keep things simple. Such at the Shaker Cardigan or the Textured Argyle Cardigan. But then I saw a couple that I would love for myself and not necessarily the style my guy would wear (to be honest, he says he's "Not a sweater kind of guy"). But I personally love the following; Honeycomb Pullover and the Seed Placket Pullover ...

In fact, the more I look at this sweater the more I want to knit that one for myself. Maybe my guy would like it better for himself if he saw it in another color? He's not a "green" guy and has a hard time envisioning something in other colors when he looks at it in a color he doesn't really like. Maybe THAT's why he doesn't want to learn to knit. Yah, must be it. Beside the fact that he's part color blind. Really he is; I can hang dark purple curtains and he thinks they're blue. But I digress. There are some more complex patterns and colors  to be knit in this book, such as a Fair Isle Cardigan and the Plaid Pullover. Frankly, I would love to see my guy wear the plaid pullover. Especially in the colors shown in the book. I just might convert him into a sweater guy yet if I just go ahead and knit one. Really. If he doesn't wear it then guess who will. That's right; the StitchingNut.
Well this book has more than just sweaters (as well an the sprinkling of tips & techniques throughout the book) as you see here ...

There's one hat in the book but I just fell in LOVE with the scarves.  The Reversible Herringbone Scarf above  would be a winner for any man I bet. And the one below might be more for my wild sensibilities in color and style. It's called the Double-Knit Double-Knot Scarf. And I really can see myself wearing this one ...

But my most favorite of all is one I think my guy and I would both like and would wear. One for each of us of course in different colors such is shown in the next picture.

The Linen Scarf or Wrap in blues would defiantly work for my guy and the color shown here for me would be perfect. Oh yes, this scarf is a winner!
So if you want to knit for a man and go with a style he would really like, this book is for you. Or if you're a Guy who loves to knit and have trouble finding something you would like to knit for yourself or a friend that suits your style ... well check out this book by Bruce Weinstein. I think you're going to like it!


bruce weinstein said...

Hey Rhonda
I am so glad you like my new book BOYFRIEND SWEATERS -
I love your blog!
Hey, if you're anywhere new NYC on Thursday 1/10 come by the Lion Brand Studio on west 15th street at 6:00pm for a trunk show of samples from the book.
here's a link for more info about the event.
Keep up the good work and knit on!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Oh wow, I wish I could be there. I know I would enjoy it. Well if you're ever up in Massachusetts' North Shore, let me know. I would so be there!