Thursday, January 11, 2007

Look at what I got!

Isn't this a neat looking little tool for knitting? DPN point protectors or stitch protectors as Sherry calls them. Use them while you carry your knitting project & keep the stitches from falling off and protect the points while you're at it. Got it from Sherry at Three Owls Knitting Etsy Store. It was my 2nd purchase. I wanted to be sure I was really happy with it before showing it off. Well I was happy enough to buy a few more, LOL. The kitty is my favorite!

Started a class at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn this past Monday. The class is called Color My World and it 's about color theory and knitting with color. That's part of the reason I'm out of sight right now. Just knitting and working ... oh yah, working at MIT takes a lot of my time up too.

I'm still knitting on the Red Scarf Project and fingerless gloves for my grandson. Got the pair for my sister, Shelly's birthday done and will post a picture before I send them out. They're different than the rest I did. I like them a lot and will knit a pair for myself also.

Well just as soon as I can ....

p.s. Have you read the Yarn Harlot today? It's about the part of the world that can't wrap their heads around the fact that people DO LOVE TO KNIT SOCKS and are willing to spend money for nice yarn ... that's right NICE yarn to boot!
Go check it out ... I'm one of those sock knitters in Blue Moon's STR Club!


crissy said...

love the needle protectors. wow those are so so cute. is that a web site you got those from i tried to click on the name of the site and got no where could be just my pc today sometimes it refuses to do what i tell it too LOL
ok time for more coffee for me brrrrrrrrr its cold out there today 18 brrrrrrrrrrr

Dorothy said...

Cute point protectors.

crissy said...

thanks for resetting the link i got home from my dental appointment and lunch out and was able to go take a peek see. yep know what i am going to be buying for me soon.
hubby ordered 10 skiens of the supper wash black wool for me. it should be here in a month ? slow boat to china i think. anyway. I told him what i needed it for and walla i gett all the yarn i want and then some LOL

Susan said...

The Blue Moon Sock Club Saga has hit the UK too. It's been on my knitty forum.

I'd understand it if it was a UK bank, as knitting is not as big here as it is in the US, but it's not for the want of us trying!

aija said...

I love the dpn protectors :) (And the fact that BMFA "broke the bank"!) ;)

lexa said...

Wasn't that a pathetic situation with the bank? How unreal.

I have a pattern for felted mittens I use over and over again, and the one I just posted on the Knittin' Mittens KAL blog is a chunky pattern. Those are my two main ones.

Dipsy said...

These needle protectors are gorgeous, I'm sure they'll come in very handy! I'm also very curious to hear/read your thoughts about the new class you joined - colour knitting is certainly a highly interesting thing! Have fun!