Sunday, June 20, 2010

My gift basket is over flowing ...

But you can't have too many knit objects to pick from at Christmas time can you?

So here's two more ... a hat and a scarf.
Both are from the Cascade Yarns book 60 Quick Knits.

And both got a slight modification done to them. I added a few extra rows in the brim of garter stitches on the hat so the brim wouldn't roll up too much.

I then wanted to make the scarf a little more fun with an added interest to it so I added a tendril style fringe. What do you think?

Does it give it a little interest?

And I love the way the hat could go for either a boy or a girl. It looks much nicer in person than in picture too BTW.

But what I really hope is ... that they'll find a good home at Christmas time.

But if they don't get picked by one of the family perhaps they'll find their way into my own closet or ... maybe a friend?

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