Thursday, June 10, 2010

I promise to waste no yarn if I can help it.

[a picture has been added below]

Remember the Green Market Bag?

Well I had over 3/4 of the last skein of yarn left ... so I put on my thinking cap and thought "what small necessary project can I make with this?"

Well ... I hate to carry both a market bag AND a handbag around when I'm shopping. Especially at the Farmers Market. So how about a change purse?

Here it is ...

All I have to do is now undo the knot and put the I-cord around the Market Bag handle and retie the knot inside the clutch. I can now carry my driver's license and some money for shopping. The pattern is the
Sundance Make Up Bag by Joƫlle Meier Rioux from Classic Elite Yarns.Link

And best of all ... it used up every bit of the green yarn I had left over. Perfect!

[Clutch attached to the Provence Market Bag last night.]

BTW, this Kelly green is the true color. Love Kelly green!

Now it's time to get back to some bigger projects ...

There's never enough going on in my knitting bag is there?

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Kim said...

I love the change purse! And I do a happy dance every time I use up all the yarn too.