Friday, October 01, 2010


A new crochet hook that the StitchingNut can LOVE!

Did I say "love"? Yup, I've been a strong advocate for the good ole Boye Crochet Hooks or Susan Bates which I've used for many years and even inherited from my grandmother a number of them. I've done a lot of crocheting so I know what I like and what works great for me ... and what doesn't work for my hands.

But after all these years my hands are telling me, "You're getting old and you better start treating us better or we're going to give out on you." "You'll be sorry for not paying attention." But I love my old crochet hooks!!

Well none of those other new designs that have come out in the past few years have worked for me or my style of crocheting until now ...

What will change my mine? Is there any new style that could possibly become my new favorite? No matter what the cost? [FAT chance, huh?]

Well I found them ...

Addi Swing Hooks by Skacel!

Finally, a crochet hook that really IS ergonomically correct. I hated their other style with ridges because they actually hurt my fingers. But ... my hands are confirming it; a wonderful new handle that I can really get a hold of and love like no other. I'm working on a quick project right now and I hope my LYS - Seed Stitch Fine Yarn will be carrying them soon. Courtney gave me one below to try out. Gave it a spin around a motif and ... yes, they cost more ... but my hands are saying it is well worth the extra money. Other "mature" crocheters like myself may feel the same way.

But, it just might also save a young crocheter from some of the hand issues I now have. So pick up one in the most common size that you use and give it a try. The Swing has an added bonus of being color coded too.

I think I want the whole set. Yes, I do!!!!

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Courtney Heath said...

oooh good review. Looks like I'll have to tack them onto a future order!