Saturday, March 26, 2011

The knitting never stops for long here.

I started teaching a class last Sunday on knitting a lace shawl with beads... called "The Budding Shawlette". And I'm knitting one along with my 7 students.

I'm calling mine The Easter Budding Shawl because I intend to wear it for Easter. I'm also nearing the end to the blue sweater. The body is blocking now and then I just have the collar and sleeve caps. I'm itching to get it done.

And speaking of knitting with yarn. Yup, that's what we use in our craft. And we're always either looking for it or being hypnotized by something new and different. So check out the blog A Yarn Tale.

Now isn't that the craziest wrapper?

Can a wrapper entice me to buy the yarn? Am I that easy??
[BTW, I don't expect you to answer that]

... [But somehow I think you will. Ahuh ahuh.]



Maria said...

What a lovely pattern on the shawl, must have a look for it

Sara said...

So pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Love those colors!! Oh, how I wish I was there with you knitting a shawl!! Instead I'm still emptying out my former craft room/office to convert to a nursery. Oh my, the amount of yarn I have stashed.....