Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can't have too much lace or too many shawls!

I finished another shawlette. Another design by Wendy D. Johnson. It's her Summer Mystery Shawlette ... so I called it "Summer Dreaming Shawlette. Check it out, it's a free pattern.


It was very quick ... yah, I know it was. So I highly recommend it to even a beginner. I cast on for another using sport weight and with 2 more sets of 48 stitches cast-on it'll also be larger and more "shawl" size. If there's enough interest I will give a workshope at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn in January on this one. It's knit from the bottom up!

And while my new shawlette was blocking, I whipped up a flu-flu ruffled scarf.


The color is called White Silver and it does have a rather Holiday glow about it.

Well I'm getting back to my knitting. Lot's of knitting on the needles already. But ...
No time to stop now, there's a hurricane headed this way!


Jennifer said...

Rhonda - both are lovely. I can't even imagine how many sts are in that ruffly scarf. It looks like it was a very intense project. The end result is definitely worth it! Kudos to you.

Pooch said...

Praying for your safety, Rhonda.

Your FOs are beautiful. Lovin' the ruffly-ruffles!